Brushes Only

SYR Toilet Brush with Black Handle

SYR Toilet Brush provides dual purpose - brush to clean toilet bowl and rim.

Oates Industrial Toilet Rim Brush

Oates Industrial Toilet Rim Brush has stiff heavy duty bristles that remove tough stains. It has unique brush head shape to get right under the rim . Lightweight and very easy to use.

Oates White Toilet Brush

White Toilet Brush that has synthetic bristles. Suitable for use with Oates Toilet Tidy Set. A must-have to make every visit to the bathroom more functional and convenient.

Oates Radial Toilet Brush

Oates Radial Toilet Brush which has angled radial head for hard to reach places. Stiff, durable bristles that can remove tough stains.

Toilet Brush - Long Handled


Bentwood Sanitary Brushes


Industrial Sanitary Brushes

High Quality Australian Made Brushes that eliminate bacteria.

Toilet Brush

Stiff durable to remove stains as best as you can. Head is shaped to get to the bottom of the bowl. this brush is also a replacement brush for the tidy set.

Toilet Brush

Extra long handle for reach. Long lasting polypropylene bristles for scrubbing power.

Black Toilet Brush

A general duty plastic toilet brush made in Australia. Available individually or with the holder.