Volkanex Refillable Aerosol - Sure Shot

VO06 B8500CB
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Sure Shot sprayers are an inexpensive way to apply bulk chemicals like degreasers, penetrating oils, solvents & lubricants.

Refillable, reusable & environmentally friendly aerosol pressurised by compressed air. It is equipped with Teflon & Viton seals. They use readily available compressed air, instead of flammable/dangerous propellants. You don’t have to worry about disposal of empty cans since they are reusable.

It has a liquid capacity of 470 ml. Max. pressure: 200 psi / 14 bar. Optimum working pressure: 145 psi / 80 bar. Standard accessories: set of fine, regular, medium & coarse nozzles. Resistant to most types of cleaning chemicals & solvents. Available in Aluminium Nickel Plated.

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