Volkanex Refillable Aerosol - Sure Shot Sprayer

Sure Shot sprayers are an inexpensive way to apply bulk chemicals like degreasers, penetrating oils, solvents & lubricants.

Sure Shot M2400 Industrial Sprayer with Anodized Aluminium Finish

Sure Shot Model "M" sprayers offer the same chemical resistant working parts as the Model "A" sprayers. These industrial sprayers come standard with an adjustable nozzle and feature a chemical resistant anodized finish.

Pin Spray Refillable Aerosol

An ideal tool for professional pest control operators for applying chemicals into wall cracks & hard to reach places with perfect control & accurate spraying

Powder Coated Steel Atomizer

A durable & tough industrial sprayer pressurised by compressed air. Equipped with Teflon & Viton seals.

Atomizer Pressure Sprayer Steel Canister

Atomizer pressure sprayer is resistant to most solvent based solutions such as diesel fuel, kerosene, turpentine, xylene, degreaser, n-hexane & tyre shine.