Liquid Gold Glass Cleaning Concentrate 1L and 5L

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4 IN 1 Professional window-cleaning/restoration concentrate,
Liquid Gold is all you will ever need.

Here’s our latest technology in window cleaning and restoration products. It’s a product that really does the job you want it to - and more because it makes you more money or saves you more money depending on what your business is.A specially formulated glass restorer that is non-acid, non-alkaline. Helps remove salts and streaks that are deeply bonded to the glass. Ideal preventative maintenance product for use in SA or WA high mineral water.

Here’s how it Works

RESTORE: Removes Light Calcium and Iron Hazing
Applied neat to the window and kept wet by continuous sleeve movement, LIQUID GOLD will dislodge and dissolve medium deposits of lime encrustation, exhaust carbon and salt water smut as well as brown bore water stain and iron deposits from bore water sprinklers. To achieve this without acids or alkali is simply amazing. LIQUID GOLD is essentially neutral.

HEAVY DUTY CLEANING: Spray and Wipe Window Cleaning Solution
Make up your own spray and wipe window cleaning solution that has no ammonia odour. Simply mix 1 part LIQUID GOLD to 20 parts water and you have a non-ammoniated cleaner that costs just 23 cents per litre. You cannot purchase anything at that cost to remove heavy staining.

NORMAL CLEAN: Sleeve Applied Window Cleaning Solution
At one 25LTR capful per 10LTR bucket (approx 1 to 200 water), your window sleeve applied solution will cost you about 2 cents per litre and your rubbers will glide over the surface leaving a smooth, streak free result. You will never have a calcium build up, you will never have a bad result - and you won’t have to put up with ammonia smells or soapy solutions.

This product will save the average window cleaner about $200 - $400 per year per person.

Automotive: Car Window Washer
Just add it to the solution bottle 20ml per 2ltr (1 to 100) and you will have the cleanest windows you’ve ever had. Bugs and marks won’t need scraping off.

We think that your building owners will like it.

  1. Because it cannot etch, craze, scratch or mark glass.
  2. It is a neutral ph (non acid) and cannot damage aluminium frames or glass.
  3. Contains no alcohol or ammonia and when diluted to strength will not damage tint films.
  4. LIQUID GOLD can be used to clean high gloss vertical building cladding in granite or marble. It restores lustre and removes environmental stains (apply neat first application, as in treatment RESTORE)
  5. It’s a unique product solving unique problems for the cleaning market.

LIQUID GOLD Directions

Remove calcium staining, rust staining and deep environmental stains. Apply Liquid Gold neat by spraying or applying with white glitter bug pad. Keep wet by re-applying or agitation with the pad for at least one minute. Hose or sponge with water - squeegee off.

Spray and wipe: Dilute Liquid Gold 1 to 20 parts water. It makes a brilliant glass, chrome and mirror cleaner.

Sleeve solution: Add to your bucket at 4 caps full per refill. Your rubbers will glide easier; your result will never be cleaner.

Automotive: Add to window wash tank, 20mls per 2 ltrs (that's about 4 teaspoons).

You will have the cleanest windows ever - no smear, no bead up and your rubbers last longer.

First Aid

Skin: Remove contaminated clothing. Flush skin with water.

Eyes: Flush with water for 15 minutes. Seek medical advice.

Inhalation: Move to fresh air.

Not considered hazardous according to the criteria of WorkSafe Australia.