Kwiksan 80% Alcohol Surface Sanitizer for Medical and Food Contact Surfaces

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Actichem AP689 Kwiksan is an alcohol surface sanitiser suited to use in hospitals, dental surgeries and other environments where efficient rapid killing of pathogenic micro-organisms is essential to infection control.

This 80% Ethanol disinfectant is designed to be used undiluted. It is ideal for use as a mattress sanitiser and is popularly used in podiatry areas.


- Instant sanitisation of clean surfaces. Quick drying with no residue
- Excellent for healthcare surfaces, mattresses, equipment, hand rails, etc
- Safe on water sensitive surfaces.
- will not smear shiny surfaces
- Ideal for cleaning and sanitising electronic instruments, computers, phones, etc..

Where to Use:

Effective in sanitizing:
Desks, phones, computer monitors.
Door handles, hand rails, door jams bed rails and wheelchair arms.
All surfaces where human contact is possible
Mattress’s’, cushions, chairs.

Directions for Use:

1. Use undiuluted in a spray bottle capable of giving a course mist.
2. Spray directly onto the area requiring sanitization
3. Ensure surface is "shiny" wet but not flooded.
4. Wipe dry with a clean cloth. Alternatively do not dry but allow the surface to dry normally for maximum sanitizing efficacy.
5.  No rinsing is needed. Food or medical preparation can resume as soon as the surface is totally dry,