Solarwash 10 Litre Portable Solar Panel Cleaning System

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10L water fed solar panel cleaning system, featuring Solarwash resin that ionises the water to assist in cleaning, and removes hard water molecules from the water. Lasts up to 50% longer than standard mixed bed resin. Functions on water pressure at the tap, no need for pump or power.

Featuring the famous McLennan Head standard on all water fed systems, with options available for:

– Detergent dispenser, complete with 5L Easy Wash & Rinse for additional cleaning power
– Multiple outlets to run up to 4 poles from the one unit, including 2 x Solarwash outlets and 2 x Bypass Outlets to save on resin when you don’t need it

Mean, green, solar panel cleaning machine! Free handheld pH meter with every system!

– 10 litre tank with Solarwash Resin included– 5 micron 7″ carbon pre-filter to help conserve resin included
– Fully fitted McLennan Head included with upgrade options (multiple outlets, detergent, DI bypasses) available– Run up to 4 poles at once– Bypass and save on resin when you don’t require the cleaning power/a spot-free finish

L55 cm x W 30 cm x H 52 cm

Weight (including resin and filters) 11 kg
Hourly DI flow capacity (TDS 100) 310 – 380 lph
Total de-ionisation resin capacity* *1 WFP brush (100lph) @ TDS 100 Capacity will vary depending on local water quality 25 – 30 hours
Pre-filter Carbon filter 7’’ x 2.5’’
Filtered water only outlet Option available
Pressure gauge  Yes
Detergent dispenser

Option available

Maximum operating pressure 125 psi 690 kPa
Maximum operating temperature 40°C