Purehold Pro Sanitising Gel Dispensing Door Handle

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Pro Gel Dispensing Door Handle is a unique, revolutionary pull door hygiene handle that automatically dispenses sanitising gel onto the users hand. It is designed for use in HIGH-RISK areas.

Key Features:

- An Intelligent alcohol hand gel delivery system - dispensing the right amount of gel to each user
- Each refill lasts around 2,000 "pulls" of the handle
- Strong stainless steel frame (compliant with BS 8424)
- Large alcohol hand gel capacity (1200ml) with reserve reservoir
- Extremely easy to refll with Purehold disposable gel refll bottles
- Low maintenance
- Independent tests prove the Hygiene Handle to be 98.5% cleaner than a standard door handle

It is the ultimate and intelligent alcohol hand gel dispensing solution for high traffic, health sensitive environments now available to food processing plants, large-scale kitchens, childcare, medical environments such as hospitals, aged care homes, laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry and animal hospitals.

How to Use:

To operate the Purehold PRO handle, simply

- grip the blue "gel" handle
- pull the door open as normal
- rub hands together. It's that easy!

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