Nilfisk GD5 Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

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Nilfisk GD5 Battery Vacuum Cleaner is a compact, mobile vac cleaner that helps you with all you need to get the job done faster  without the need for cords and power outlets behind you. It effectively works in dust facilities with limited space between seats, tables, and shelves.

Nilfisk GD5 Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Key Benefits:
- Offers freedom and mobility to the operator increasing PRODUCTIVITY
- A SAFER way to clean with no cords to trip over
- Excellent RUN TIME of up to 60 minutes
- Best in class CHARGE TIME of only 40 minutes offers continuous cleaning with two batteries
- POWER BOOST CLEANING offers exceptional performance for heavy duty cleaning – similar to a corded vac
- Low sound level makes DAYTIME cleaning possible
Ideal choice for cafes, restaurants, shops, cinemas, auditoriums and conference rooms, as well as transportation.
Nilfisk GD5 - Battery powered Backpack (41600840) Includes:107417790 Combination Nozzle 295mm011 8130 500 Aluminium Telescopic Tube Set147 1449 500 Hose Complete140 6700 540 Multi Surface Nozzle140 8244 500 Brush Nozzle107408039 Crevice Nozzle41600872 Lithium Battery 36V with Handle41600867 Battery (Fast) Charger
Nilfisk GD5 Battery Specifications Product details (41600840)
IP protection class IP20
Rated power (W) 650
Power consumption (W) 190/465
Voltage (V) 36
Frequency (Hz) na
Battery capacity (Ah/5) 7.8/280.8
Battery type Lithium lon
Battery run time (min.) 60/30
Suction power end of tube (W) 45/116
Airflow (l/sec.) 21.7/26.7
Sound power level (dB(A) IEC 704) 73/78
Sound pressure level at 1.5 m with nozzle (dB(A) ISO 11203) 60/65
Dust bag capacity (l) 5
Number of filters 2
Sack filter area (cm²) 1397
Main filter area (cm²) 35
Length x width x height (mm) 240x330x755
Weight (kg) 5.3
Weight with batteries (kg) 8
Number of batteries 1
Plug type AUS/NZ
Grounded Class II
Battery charge time (min.) ≤ 40
Dust bag (1 pcs) Yes
Battery version Yes