Zorbe Indoor Spill Clean Up Absorbent Powder

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Zorbe Indoor Spill Clean Up Absorbent Powder is a fast, easy to use, cost effective and convenient way of cleaning up messy liquids and semi liquids on all surfaces. Clean up spills in 3 easy steps - pour, sweep, and dispose.

- Save time
- Reduce slip / fall incidents
- Reduce risk of staff infection
- Reduce cut risk on broken glass
- Reduce down time
- Reduce customer inconvenience

It is safe and effective on blood and bloody fluids. Ideal for use in kitchens, restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, nightclubs, transport vehicles, ships, sporting clubs and any public venue.

- Bars & night clubs
- Shopping centres
- Restaurants, cafes and kitchens
- Supermarkets
- Sport venues & arenas
- Schools & child care centres
- Age care facilities
- Ships, boats, ferries
- Taxis, buses, coaches
- Home, office and factories

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