Industrial Absorbents

Carlisle SpillEater

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Carlisle SpillEater, the natural spill absorbent is up to 58% faster than all other absorbents. SpillEater is environmentally friendly and naturally biodegrades petroleum oils.

It is safe to use, leaves no slippery residue, and suppresses flammable fumes and odors. EPA compliant and USDA certified biobased product. Available in 2 lb carton.

20lb Pail Spilleater Absorb

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The natural spill absorbent is up to 58% faster than all other absorbents. SpillEater is environmentally friendly and naturally biodegrades petroleum oils. biobased product
It is safe to use, leaves no slippery residue, and suppresses flammable fumes and odors. USDA certified
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Kleen Sweep is primarily an oil and fuel absorbent that uses industry-leading, capillary absorbent technology, especially designed for the industrial, commercial and automotive markets. 

Kleen Sweep is manufactured in Australia from recycled natural cellulose by-products and totally encapsulates the spill so that the surface is left clean and dry. 

Kleen Sweep is designed for use on all hard surfaces to absorb petrol, oil and diesel spills. It can also be used on animal, vegetable, mineral and synthetic oils, and oil-based paints.  One step ‘dry clean’.

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Enretech Cellusorb is a 100% cellulose oil and fuel absorbent for use on water. It is completely biodegradable and is produced from recycled waste cellulose materials.

Cellusorb is highly oleophilic ("oil loving") and will readily attach itself to all forms of hydrocarbons. It will absorb up to 19 times its own weight in oil based products - even when wet!

Cellusorb has been designed to be used on small scale spills on harbours, docks, wharves, marinas, re-fuelling depots, beaches, bird sanctuaries, reefs or mangrove areas - wherever an oil spill could occur. Cellusorb may be used on its own (loose) or in the form of socks, booms, pillows, or bilge ‘rats’. Cellusorb can be spread over a spill surface and unlike most absorbents, will absorb trace water and eliminate sheen.

Cellusorb is particularly well suited as a filtration medium for removing hydrocarbons from storm water collection systems, sump pits and interceptor systems.


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BettaClean is a powerful organic absorbent powder that absorbs most liquids immediately upon contact.

Where the spilled liquids consist of human or animal body fluids (ie: blood, urine, vomit, faeces) or other possible contagion (ie: spoiled food, sullage, sewage) special steps must be taken to ensure the safety of the spill responder and to leave a clean and sanitised surface behind. Hazardous spills require the use of proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by suitably trained staff. Responders must not attempt to clean up any hazardous spills unless they have been trained in the correct spill clean-up procedures, have the required equipment on hand and wear appropriate PPE.  All wastes generated from the spill clean-up must be disposed in accordance with local, state & federal regulations.

The absorbent is part of the BettaClean Bio-Hazard spill response kit designed for any locations accessed by the general public, including: schools, day care centres, aged care facilities, hotels, shopping centres, hospitals & medical clinics, public & private transport and building maintenance.  Effective on blood, urine, vomit, faeces, and any other liquid spill which poses an infectious health risk.  Highly effective and incinerable.

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Dry Up is a standard coarse grade of diatomite. Dry Up's open and unique structure gives it sponge-like properties, which makes Dry Up Diatomite capable of absorbing both water and oil spills.
 1 x 20kg bag of Dry Up will absorb approximately 24L of water or approximately 18L of Oil. It is a chemically inert, non-combustible material which is insoluble in both water and oil. Because of its light weight, open pore structure and large volume, Dry Up provides substantially higher absorbency than most other spill absorbents.

Spillfix Organic Floor Sweep

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50l spillfix bag_small

Hydrocarbons, Oils,

3 Sized Bags to choose from

Spillfix Organic Floor Sweep rapidly absorbs hydrocarbons on contact. It is an inert organic fibre made from 100% coir peat, a renewable resource. The cellular structure of the coir peat provides a medium that is fast acting and has a large absorbency capacity.

Spillfix Indoor 7 Litres

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SpillFix INDOOR Bottle_small
Liquid & Semi Liquid Spills

The Spillfix indoor absorbents were developed in response to the cost of slip fall injury and the increased risk posed by trditional wet clean up methods such as bucket and mop.

The absorbent is made from natural earth mineralthat has been altered through ultra heat treatment to form a unique, safe, lightweight and highly absorbent mediumfor use on liquid and semi liquid spills. Apart from it's large absorbency capacity it has the ability to encapsulate viscous spills , allowing them to be simply and safely swept away and disposed in a solid mass.


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Human & Animal Spill. The Spillfix Bio Waste Infectious Waste Absorbent will rapidly immobilise potentially hazardous spills caused by humans and animals.

Its unique absorbent properties allow the spill to be swept away without the risk of personal contact. It will reduce the potential for cross contamination and a natural formulation of essential oils and plant extracts is added for its antiseptic properties.

Available in 500ml sachets, 7 litre resealable plastic containers, or as a spill kit.
Spill kit contains 500ml Bio-Waste Absorbent, Gloves, Apron, Mask c/w Eyeshield, Scoops, Clinical Waste Bags, Hygienic Alcohol Wipes, Instructions and Material Safety Data Sheet.

Spillfix Bio-Waste Absorbent is also great for getting spilt red wine out of carpets!


Spillfix Hazardous Spill Absorbents

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Acids, Alkali, Solvents, Formaldehyde, Mercury. Spillfix products can be used to effectively deal with accidental spills or the release of acids, caustics, solvents and formaldehyde at the workplace. 

Convert hazardous spills into non-hazardous compounds that meet specifications for non-hazardous waste and disposal. The products can be used in laboratory environments, warehouses, production plants and shipping and receiving areas, as well as on transport trucks and emergency vehicles. The products offer improved worker safety in their application and can minimise waste produced and plant or production downtime due to hazardous spills or leaks.

ACID-  Acid spills are hazardous due to their corrosive effects to eyes, skin and mucous membranes. Prolonged exposure can cause life threatening injury. When acids combine with other chemicals the reaction products can be highly toxic.

ALKALI-  Caustic ( Alkali ) Spills are mostly corrosive to organic tissues and can result in severe skin and eye irritation or burns from direct contact. Caustic vapours may be corrosive to the respiratory system. When caustics combine with other chemicals the reaction products can be highly toxic.

SOLVENT-  Most organic solvents are either flammable or toxic or both. When a solvent is spilled it is critical to minimise vapours immediately by treating with a highly reactive absorbent to minimise the release of vapours.

FORMALDEHYDE-  Exposure to formaldehyde is hazourdous causing breathing difficulties and irritation to eyes, nose and throat. In addition, the vapours and liquid are readily absorbed through the skin.

MERCURY-  Mercury is commonplace in many industries and even households. Small amounts can pose a potential health risk. It is dangerous to humans and aminals alike. Exposure can occur by breathing vapours, by direct skin exposure, or by indigestion.

Wall Kit Spilleater Absorb

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Wall Mount Spill Station Kit (46303) is perfect for restaurants and kitchens; includes a wall mount rack with two 2 lb SpillEater cartons and a dust pan/broom.

Spill Station Spilleater Absorb

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Portable Spill Station Kit (46304) for quick clean ups; includes a rolling spill station, dust pan and squeegee-broom. (SpillEater sold separately).
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An eco-friendly, fast acting, high absorbency coir product for safe and efficient cleanup of liquid spills.

Spillfix Organic Absorbent can absorb up to 5 times its own weight in liquids. It is more effective, and faster acting than other absorbents - absorbing 90% capacity in under 10 minutes.

Available in 15L bag (3kg) and 50L bag (9kg).

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It provides excellent absorption and surface contact to contain a spill prior to application of the loose absorbent material. 1.5m & 3m Booms filled with the same Spillfix Universal Organic Absorbent.
Spillfix Booms have strong wicking action – the nature of the coir absorbent provides a strong “wicking” action away from the surface meaning the spill is directed throughout the boom.

1.5m - 7.5L of oil (absorption capacity)
3m - 15L of oil (absorption capacity)
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A 100%, fast acting natural absorbent for use with oil, petroleum and chemical spills of liquid, odour, and vapour.

Due to intense volcanic activity about 250,000 years ago, a natural product formed called Zeolite.  Because of its large internal surface area, it is faster acting & absorbs larger quantities than most other “kitty litter” types of absorbent.

Its high Cation Exchange Capacity allows vapour and odour absorbency. Being a light weight clay, it is easy to handle, but not too light that it can’t be used in windy or draughty outdoor conditions.

Available in 15 L (10kg), and 22L (15kg) bags.

Stop worrying about spill management, try our natural fast acting absorbent!