Industrial Absorbents

Carlisle SpillEater

Carlisle SpillEater, the natural spill absorbent is up to 58% faster than all other absorbents. SpillEater is environmentally friendly and naturally biodegrades petroleum oils.

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Kleen Sweep Fluid and Oil Spill Super Absorbent

Kleen Sweep is primarily an oil and fuel absorbent that uses industry-leading, capillary absorbent technology, especially designed for the industrial, commercial and automotive markets. 

Cellusorb 10kg Bale

Enretech Cellusorb is a 100% cellulose oil and fuel absorbent for use on water. It is completely biodegradable and is produced from recycled waste cellulose materials.

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Bettaclean Biohazard Absorbent

Bettaclean Biohazard Absorbent is a powerful organic absorbent powder that absorbs most liquids immediately upon contact.

SpillFix Bio-Waste Spill Kit Single Use

SpillFix Bio-Waste Spill Kit Single Use contains everything you need to adequately manage any body fluid spill. Suitable for security guards, hotel staff. This hardy kit ensures that you and your staff are never left unprotected.

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Spillfix International Multi-Use Bio-Waste Spill Kit

Spillfix International Multi-Use Bio-Waste Spill Kit, infectious kits / blood & body fluid cleanup. These kits provide sufficient contents to deal with up to 20 blood and body fluid spills.

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Spillfix Hazardous Spill Absorbents

Acids, Alkali, Solvents, Formaldehyde, Mercury. Spillfix Hazardous Spill Absorbents can be used to effectively deal with accidental spills or the release of acids, caustics, solvents and formaldehyde at the workplace.


Zeolite SpillZorbe Natural Floor Sweep Absorbent

Zeolite SpillZorbe Floor Sweep Absorbent is a 100%, fast acting natural absorbent for use with oil, petroleum and chemical spills of liquid, odour, and vapour.

3M ™ Floorsweep Sorbent FLS-10

3M™ Floorsweep Sorbent is an easy to apply sorbent, made of a biodegradable cellulose based material, great for indoor and outdoor general liquid spill removal on floors, roads, and other hard surfaces.

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Zorbe Indoor Spill Clean Up Absorbent Powder

Zorbe Indoor Spill Clean Up Absorbent Powder is a fast, easy to use, cost effective and convenient way of cleaning up messy liquids and semi liquids on all surfaces. Clean up spills in 3 easy steps - pour, sweep, and dispose.