Agar Cool Tide Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitiser

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Agar Cool Tide Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitiser is a rinse-free, non-sticky, instant hand sanitiser that kills germs on the skin while leaving hands soft and refreshed, and long-lasting moisturisation. It kills 99.9% of germs, ideal for workplaces where quick and easy hand sanitisation is needed.

Agar Cool Tide Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitiser Features:
- can be used without water. Apply and rub it in.
- rinse-free and non-sticky
- leaves hands soft, smooth and refreshed
- antibacterial

COOL TIDE is a sanitiser for the hands. It is especially important to practise good hand hygiene
– After using the toilet
- Before eating or drinking
- Before and after handling raw fish, poultry and eggs
- After using public facilities, such as phones, public transport, ATM’s, lifts or escalators.
- In schools and child
- care centres
- After changing nappies
- When you or others are sick
- After shaking hands
- After sneezing or coughing.
COOL TIDE is for external use only.

Colour Thick Colourless Liquid
Odour Mild Alcohol
pH 5.5 ± 0.5
Foam Low-foaming
Sizes 500ml, 5L