Hand & Body Soaps

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Septone's Lasting Earth Lotion Soap is a pleasantly fragranced washroom hand lotion which produces a rich dense lather combined with a gentle cleansing action.

It is ideal for use in washrooms in offices, factories, warehouses, shopping centres, public buildings and other locations, and is designed to remove most domestic and light industrial soils including dirt, mud, dust and kitchen residues.

This pH balanced product contains coconut oil based surfactants selected for their low skin irritancy and biodegradability, as well as Vitamin E, the natural anti-oxidant, to assist in reducing damage to the skin. Lasting Earth Lotion Soap is equally effective in hard water or bore water and will leave no trace of soap residue - hence no bathtub rings, scummy tiles, dirty hand basins or unsightly shower screens.

Available in 5L.

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Glo Germ™ HJandwashing Kit is an effective tool to demonstrate handwashing, surface cleaning, hygiene, and containment techniques.

Glo Germ™ provides customers with a fun and safe product that casts a revealing glow when exposed to Glo Germ's™ U.V. light, turning the invisible into “germs you can see! The Glo Germ™ Kit contains an 8 oz bottle of liquid or gel, a 4 oz bottle of powder, and a battery-operated ultra-violet lamp.
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Glo Germ™ powder is used to effectively demonstrate how germs are spread through cross contamination. One easy demonstration is to sprinkle Glo Germ™ powder on a work surface and then wash the surface.

 Residual "simulated germs" then show up a brilliant white under UV black light. A second demonstration is to sprinkle or brush Glo Germ™ powder on a fruit or vegetable and then cut it up. UV black light will show where the "glowing germs" have been spread from the produce to the knife, cutting board, and hands.
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Glo Germ™ gel is a special "lotion" that shows how important proper hand washing is to prevent the spread of germs.

 To apply you just rub the "simulated germ" gel onto your hands like lotion and then thoroughly wash your hands. Your hands look clean, but shine a UV black light on them and you can identify the places where hand washing was ineffective and the residual "glowing germs" show up a brilliant blue-white.
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Glo Germ liquid comes in an 8 ounce bottle and is used to demonstrate proper hand washing. Encourage proper handwashing techniques with the original Glo Germ formula, an oil based liquid. Glows bright orange under UV light.

Each bottle can be up to 75 to 100 applications. 

Examine proper handwashing techniques. To do this, put the oil or lotion on your hands, spreading thousands of tiny, plastic, fluorescent germs, and then wash your hands.  Then you check for remaining germs using the ultra-violet lamp.  Any remaining germs will glow brightly for all to see.