Spillfix Pump Jack Absorbent Socks with Velcro

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Spillfix absorbent socks with Velcro tabs to wrap around leaking pipes. This oil-only pump and drill sorbent sock collar contains absorbent material encased in a durable sleeve to collect oil leaks and drips.

Spillfix Pump Jack Absorbent Features:

Convenient one-size-fits-all design
Easy installation and easy removal

Pump-Jack sock is also effective around the silicone seal on the motor that connects to the shaft - it prevents oil squirting or leaking into the ground.  The pump-jack sock is a better, cleaner and visually accurate product vs. the competitive products used in this setting.

You can see the liquid leaking & absorbing vs. the alternative plastic encasing product that is essentially sealed. Use in the fracking industry for spill control response or prevention.

Color White
Packaging Bag
Quantity 10
Width 12.7cm
Length 1.06m
Absorbency 83L
Components Meltblown Polypropylene, Needle Punch Fabric
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