Spill Absorbent Booms, Socks & Pillows

Pillow Absorbent Universal - Pack of 5

For use on all hard surfaces to absorb and contain spills of water-based liquids, including paints, pesticides, herbicides, body fluids, and food stuffs. .

Pillow Absorbent Oil - Pack of 5

Enretech absorbent pillows are one of the most absorbent products available on the market today.

Bilge Rat - Carton of 10

Enretech Bilge Rats have been designed to fit into small and large boat bilges to absorb any free oil or fuel.  Each product comes with a tie to secure it for easy retrieval. 

Boom Absorbent Floating 3.0m x 15cm - Carton of 3

For use on water to both contain and absorb oil and fuel spills. Commonly used small marinas, collection ponds, dams and wastewater collection pits. Suitable for the automotive, industrial, commercial markets, marine, waste management and manufacturing industries.

Boom bsorbent Mini 60cm x 15cm - Pack of 5


Sock Absorbent oil

Natural, 100% biodegradable, non-toxic products for both spill containment and absorption.  Environmentally-friendly alternative to synthetic polypropylene products.

Sock Absorbent Universal 1.2m x 10cm - Pack of 2

Natural, 100% biodegradable, non-toxic product for both spill containment and absorption. Environmentally-friendly alternative to synthetic GP polypropylene products.

Each Boom

3M Chemical Sorbent P200 Mini-Booms 7.5cm x 1.2m

3M Chemical Sorbent Mini-booms are ideal for placing around hazardous and non-aggressive liquid spills to prevent them from spreading. They work fast so you have time to ensure proper clean -up while minimizing employee exposure.

Each Pillow

3M Large Chemical Sorbent Pillows 23cm x 38cm

3M Chemical Sorbent Pillow is ideal for placement at the source of a leak or they can be thrown into a contained
spill.  These sorbent pillows are small, lightweight, tear-resistant and feature a high capacity for holding liquid.


3M™ Oil and Petroleum Sorbent Booms

3M™  Oil & Petroleum Sorbent Booms are used to prevent the spread of liquids and are the first line in spill containment. Unlike non sorbent containment booms, ours absorb oil as they help contain it.

Each Boom

3M Oil Sorbent Mini-Booms 7.5cm x 1.2m

3M™  Oil and Petroleum Sorbent Mini-Booms quickly prevent leaks and spills from spreading to adjacent areas.  Great for placement around equipment to prevent damage.

3M Large Oil Sorbent Pillows 36cm x 63cm

3M™ Oil and Petroleum Sorbent Pillows are designed with a scrim that encases particulate sorbent. It is great for handling large quantities of light oil in confined spaces, they are UV-resistant and will not deteriorate or sink.


3M™ General Purpose Sorbents

3M™ General Purpose Sorbents also referred to as maintenance absorbents are great for almost any type of non-aggressive liquid neatly and efficiently. These sorbents have high absorption capacity (up to 25x their own weight) which minimises the amount of waste for disposal.


Spillfix Spill Absorbent Pillows 240 x 240cm Ctn 20

Spillfix Absorbent Pillows for different spills -  oil/fuel only, hazchem, general purpose. It has approximately 4-4.5L absorbency.


Spillfix Absorbent Pillows in a Pan 240 x 240cm

Spillfix Absorbent Pillows contained in a plastic tub to prevent leaks and drip. Ideal for use under leaking drum faucets, spigots and flanges to absorb nuisance drips; keeps your floors clean and safe.

Spillfix Pump Jack Absorbent Socks with Velcro

Spillfix absorbent socks with Velcro tabs to wrap around leaking pipes. This oil-only pump and drill sorbent sock collar contains absorbent material encased in a durable sleeve to collect oil leaks and drips.

Spillfix Absorbent Rig Rugs 1.63m x 50M

Extra large heavy duty absorbent rugs for use on rigs and platforms. For cleaner drilling and well-head maintenance, this unique product limits the costly remediation of soil contaminated by hydrocarbons.

Spillfix OilSnare Boom and Pom Poms

Spillfix OilSnare Boom and Pom poms perfect for shore line clean up operations and in rock pools / river banks. Sold individually or in succession on a rope.

Spillfix OilSnare Oil Absorbent on Rope

OilSnare Oil Absorbent On A Rope is ideal for sandy, rocky beach and marshland applications. More cost effective than melt blown polypropylene sweeps.

Spillfix Absorbent Traffic Rug 914mm x 30m

Poly backed absorbent rugs, suitable for use over carpet and where floor surfaces need to be kept clean. The rug can be rolled up and reused. Suitable for lift and elevator mechanics, painters etc.


SpillFix Organic Absorbent Booms

It provides excellent absorption and surface contact to contain a spill prior to application of the loose absorbent material. 1.5m & 3m Booms filled with the same Spillfix Universal Organic Absorbent.

Spillfix Grey General Purpose Mini Booms

Spillfix Grey General Purpose Mini Booms are the best choice for General Purpose industrial clean-up applications. These general purpose sorbent mini booms absorb both oil and water based liquids and drips.