Sparkle Plenty Crystal Chandelier Cleaner 946ml

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Sparkle Plenty Crystal Chandelier is a unique formula designed to effectively remove dust and dirt on crystal beads on chandeliers. It is safe for all finishes and leaves no residue.  You don't need to wipe. Simply spray and let drip dry.

If you have a chandelier which had not been cleaned in years and was not sparkly anymore, Sparkle Plenty Crystal Chandelier Cleaner is the solution. It will make it look sparkly and new. It can clean clear or colored plastic, crystal, and porcelain.

Directions for Use:
Turn power off to light fitting before cleaning
Place newspaper under light fitting on floor
Spray crystals with a generous amount of Sparkle Plenty
Formula will cling to the dirt and drip onto newspaper, removing the dirt
Repeat if required
Wait for fitting to completely dry before turning light back on