Terracyclic Bio Bin - Smartest Sanitary Waste Disposal Plastic Bin

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Terracyclic Bio Bin is the best solution for all sites needing a way to dispose of sanitary waste. It doesn't matter how many women you have on your staff or in facility, Terracyclic Bio Bin will suit to your needs. This sanitary waste disposal bin has a unique, compact design. Once you mount it on the wall, the slim line unit does not need to be handled again.

Terracyclic Sanitary White Plastic Bin offers:
- requires minimal storage
- convenience
- easy to install, easy disposal, easy to refill
- discreet addition to restrooms
- minimal handling and cleaning
- longer unit of life
- a choice of exterior finishings
- environmental safe - non-toxic, biodegradable, odorised plastics, breaks down in 1-5 years

Great for use in hotels, motels, schools, restaurants, shopping centres or commercial applications. Ideal for do-it-yourself sanitary disposal - especially in remote locations where service providers cannot provide regular services.

Our TerraCyclic™ sanitary disposal cartridge system makes servicing quick, safe and easy. Cartridge Refill is available.



Terracyclic Bio Bin is available in three sizes: small (for tiniest toilet facilities), regular (medium sized) and large (for busy sites). Since this sanitary disposal system uses sealed liners that are easily disposed of, specialist sanitary bin maintenance crews are not needed. Staff members or onsite cleaners can do the job.


The cartridges are easy to store, replaced and dispose of.  You do not need to clean it. You simply insert new cartridge into the cylinder each time the bin is emptied. This ensures the bin is maintained, looking neat and tidy.  Lid and bag assemblies are fully degradable, and can therefore be disposed of for decomposition in landfill. Cartridges already contain pre-inserted biodegradable liquid gel.

What Makes Terracyclic Sanitary White Plastic Bin Green? The Terracyclic system is endorsed by the Carbon Footprint association as assisting to reduce carbon emissions. The cartridges (lid & bag sets) are fully biodegradable, breaking down into oxygen and waste.

Terracyclic Bio Bin is ideal for:
- Sea based operations (cruise ships, ferries, naval vessels)
- Smaller businesses
- Secure or restricted facilities (prisons, ports and mills)
- Locations without full servicing plants
- Restrooms with seasonal requirements
- Isolated businesses unreachable for servicing
- Environmentally sensitive areas (beaches, nature parks, ski fields)
- Food Outlet, cafes and restaurants
- Hotels and Motels
- Theme Parks, nature parks and camping grounds.
- Office, Showrooms, healthcare sites, educational amenities

Sizes and Capacity 6.5L (small)
13L (medium)
26L (Large)
13L Cylinder H 70cm x D15cm , with up to 100 13 litre replacement cartridges per box
26L Cylinder H 80cm x D20cm , with up to 50, 26 litre replacement cartridges per box
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