Drain Clean Active Enzyme Pellets

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Drain Clean Active Enzyme Pellets is a natural eco-friendly and biological enzyme design to prevent and clear build up of organic waste including fats, hair, soap and grease.

It eliminates smelly odours, increase water filtration – reduce the risk of lawn floods and boots the source of beneficial bacteria. It will take 2-3 days for the bacteria to unblock the drains. If problem persists you may increase the dosage.

Available in 100g and 450g.

Save on pump out costs with this Drain Clean Active Enzyme Pellets!


Suitable for any time of the year on all septic sewers, sink pipes and drains. If the drain, toilet or grease trap is completely blocked, it may be necessary to clear blockage first. To increase digestion of organic waste soak pellets in water for 30 minutes, and the dose required area before going to bed. Drain Clean Active Enzyme Pellets may take several days to achieve desired results. Please be patient as the enzymes go to work! If the problem is severe dose more often.

Apply dosage rate below for best results
Drain Line Sewers or Septic & Trenches: Sinks, drains, toilets: add 10g, repeat monthly: For severe problems add 20g twice/day until cleared.
Septic Systems: Add 450g to toilet bowl and flush then dose weekly with 10-15g.
Grease Traps: Clean out grease trap and then add 100g to kitchen sink and flush with water, dose weekly.



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