Drain Clean Septic Treatment and Cleaner 1 Litre

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Drain Clean Septic Treatment is efficient in reducing smelly odours, preventing slow-flowing drains and even clogged drains or septic system due to waste build-up.

It contains micro and macro nutrients, preservatives, wetting agents and trace elements to help restore the balance of bacteria in septic systems. Drain Clean Septic Treatment restores flow back in your septic back in your septic system and remove blockages and eliminate embarrassing odours.


Ensure cap is secure. Shake well. Pour recommended amount of Drain Clean Septic Treatment in the toilet bowl and flush. Repeat treatment each month to keep your septic system trouble free. Drain Clean can be used to effectively wash down walls and floors in bathrooms and laundries, excess runaway will help to restore and maintain your septic system.

Tank Capacity (Litres) Monthly Treatment Amount
8, 000 0.5 litre
16, 000 (Standard Size) 1 litre
24, 000 1.5 litres


Avoid contact with eyes. If in eyes, hold eyes open, flood with water for at least 15 minutes and see a doctor.



How does Drain Clean Septic work?
It contains glucose which feeds the bacteria in the septic system, causing them to replicate. They then eat away at the waste, eliminating blockages and odours. It kills off the bad bacteria, restoring the correct pH levels to the septic tank.

Can Drain Clean Septic be used in the rain water tank?

Is Drain Clean Septic safe for showers?

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