Fatsorb Fat Absorbent for BBQ Drip Trays

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Fat-sorb helps reduce odours as the fats, oils and other liquids are fully absorbed into the Fat-Sorb granules. It is safe and easy to use, and made of 100% natural mineral and fat absorber for BBQ drip trays.

Instructions on how to use Fatsorb:

Line the drip tray with aluminium foil. Apply a 10-20mm even layer of Fat-Sorb in your BBQ drip tray. Rake over your Fat-Sorb prior to each use of your BBQ to extend the life of the product. Change your Fat-Sorb once a month depending on usage rate of your BBQ.

Upon absorbance of some fats and oils, Fat-sorb may spontaneously combust. It is recommended to dispose of used product by placing in plastic bag, moistening product with water and putting in garbage.