Organoil Tung Oil Natural Sealant

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It is a natural great sealant and protector of timber, concrete, terracotta, slate and mud bricks.

Tung tree comes from the seeds/fruit of the tropical tree- Tung tree.For over 600 years the Chinese have used Tung Oil to waterproof marine timbers. Organoil products are formulated on genuine Tung Nut Oil. Available in 1L, and 4L.
It is one of the best natural wood preservers. The oil penetrates deeply into most porous surfaces, forming an almost permanent Seal against moisture, because it never loses it’s elasticity. Tung Oil is non– toxic, food safe  and the VOC (volatile organic compound ) emission is Zero. The finishis is more suited for interior or exterior/protected use than fully exposed exterior, due to lack of UV resistance.

Download Organoil Tung Oil MSDS