Cooktop Magic 3-in-1 Cooktop Cleaner and Protector

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Cooktop Magic is a biodegradable and non-toxic cooktop cleaner and protector cream. According to Nielsen, Australia's #1 Selling 3-in-1 Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner.

Cleans: The non-scratch formula removes food, oil, water marks and stains from ceramic glass, induction and enamel cooktops, while polishing the surface.

Seals & Protects: Powerful 3-in-1 formula leaves a residue-free sealant, protecting against stains and scratches, making future cleaning easier. Easy To Use: The sponge pad applicator makes cleaning easier and quicker.

Tip: Try this on shower screens to remove soap scum. Biodegradable and non-hazardous.

How to clean your cooktop with Cook Magic Cooktop Cleaner- While still warm, remove baked-on spills with a damp cloth or sponge. Acooktop scraper can be used on ceramic glass.
- When cool, apply Cooktop Magic to soiled areas and rub vigorously with sponge applicator. Do not use sponge applicator on stainless steel, use a soft cloth.
- Remove all residue with a damp cloth.
- Whilst still damp, polish surface to a brilliant finish with a paper towel.
- After use, clean the sponge applicator under running water.

Ceramic Glass Care

- Never slide your saucepan across the surface as this will cause scratches.
- Do not use aluminium or copper based cookware as it may leave a metal residue on the surface.
- This residue can burn onto and permanently stain your ceramic glass cooktop.
- Always cook with a flat based pot/pan of similar size to the element.

Cleaning your shower screens with Cooktop Magic

- Apply product to shower screen.
- Rub vigorously with soft cloth.
- Polish to a brilliant shine with paper towel or soft cloth.

Download Cooktop Magic MSDS