Taski Midi Open Cleaning Trolley For Jonmaster - For Larger Areas

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The new hub for spray and wipe and pre-wetted cleaning is the TASKI Midi Open Trolley. This large trolley is fitted with everything the operator needs, suitable for cleaning large areas >1500 sq.m.

• Modularity: 3 basic platforms unlimited configuration options
• Ergonomics: highly adjustable push bar
• Safety: Non marking wheels, 2 with a brake
• Robustness: High quality material; special coated metal fame with aluminium profile
• Hygienic: Impregnated, anti-microbial grips to avoid cross contamination; complete trolley is autoclavable
• Productivity: A mop box pops out of the side of the cart so a fresh mop can be applied with a minimum of effort
 Cloths, mops, and equipment can be positioned on the trolley where they are easier to handle. It is suitable for cleaning of larger areas. For use with Jonmaster mops, cloths and tools. Ideal customer sites include hospitals and large buildings. Mop Box and Mop Box Lids not included.

Key Advantage:

The TASKI trolley system offers complete modularity, flexibility and highest durability for all cleaning methods. The intuitive design allows to move components and accessories to a variety of different positions and to adapt them to specific work habits and processes. Many features make the trolley easier and faster to use, help to increase productivity and flexibility.

Dimensions (LxWxH) 1240 x 651 x 1128 mm
Weight 41kg
Wheels Ø 125 mm
Colour Orange/Grey
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