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Sabco Deluxe Antibacterial Cart

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Sabco Deluxe Antibacterial Cart is made entirely from polypropylene, ABS, and glass fibre, making it non-toxic and entirely recyclable.




Sabco’s Deluxe Antibacterial Cart is made using the most highly developed anti-bacterial systems, put together to help reduce the levels of harmful bacteria potentially found in the trolley. Mainly intended for healthcare environments, the Antibacterial treatment solutions are effective for 5 years. After this period of time, the cart may be used in other cleaning spaces  where a sterile environment isn’t as critical.

1. Storage drawers complete with grid and lid to suit the
pre-impregnation method.

2. 6L Buckets in Blue, Red, Green and Yellow for
pre-impregnation of colour coded cloths.

3. 125mm fibre glass shock resistant castors for excellent stability and manoeuvrability. Two wheels are also equipped with breaks.

4. Double bag support with lid and ergonomic
antibacterial handle for improved operator grip.
5-6. Red bag for collection of cloths/ mops for
laundering. Blue bag for waste collection.

SABCO Premium Top Roll Janitors Cart - Black

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Sabco Premium Top Roll Janitors Cart - Black contains 2 large 35 litre buckets, 2 small 10 litre buckets, 110 litre waste bag, lockable cabinet on both sides for safety, roll top lid/Cover for extra security.

This cart accommodates up to 150 kgs in weight. Its dimension is L120 x H133 x W54.

SABCO Room Service Cart - Grey

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Sabco Room Service Cart - Grey has a nice color combination that allows a collection of used linen etc, and storage of fresh linen. A great shelf for cleaning items or replenishment items.
Its dimension is 148 x 55 x 109 cm.