Quality Made Janitor Carts - Cleaning and Laundry Trolleys

There's no better way to transport heavy loads in the workplace than with our janitor carts and cleaning trolleys. When it comes to carrying cleaning chemicals, linens, and garbage bags, our handy carts and trolleys will make it easier and more convenient for you. We want to give you the best quality made products because you deserve nothing less.

Being in the housekeeping industry in itself is already a lot of work. We want to lighten your burden by providing you with the most efficient laundry trolleys and rubbish scissor cart that will fit your specific needs.

We know it's not easy to move janitor carts and trolleys around your establishment that is why our products are specially designed to take a load off your shoulder and provide you with the best carts and trolleys that will make transporting heavy loads seem like a walk in the park. We have a wide range of goods handling trolleys and laundry carts that are suitable for all sorts of work. Our products are made of durable and ergonomic handles that will make them easier and more convenient to maneuver around the workplace area.

Our top quality products range from rubbish trolleys and clax carts to cage work trolleys and audio-visual multimedia trolleys. Whatever it is that you need transporting within the area, be it wastes or janitorial supplies, we've got it all right here. Be sure to explore our wide range of best products and we will assure you that you will be impressed with their service.

Call Cleaners Supermarket or order online now. We stock Rubbermaid, our brand and the Oates, Sabco ones among others.