Suma Eden JX D4.5 Antimicrobial Fruit and Vegetable Wash

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Suma Eden D4.5 Antibacterial Fruit and Vegetable Wash is a safe to use, blend of ingredients specially designed for washing of fruit and vegetables.

It has proven antibacterial effectiveness, and with proper use leaves no residual odours, ensuring the natural taste and aroma of all fruit and vegetables. Suma Eden D4.5 ingredients are listed in the Food Standards Code, published by FSANZ, as generally permitted processing aids for fruit and vegetables.
Benefits of Suma Eden 4.5

• Reduces microbial levels on treated foodstuffs to enhance food safety• NO RINSE required for optimum labor savings• Removes surface soil, a broad range of bacteria, pesticides and waxes• No residual odour, taste or feel left on produce after washing• Concentrated formula for economical use cost• Part of a complete, closed, product delivery system to ensure optimum safety to staff andpatrons.

Instructions for Use
1. Fill the designated fruit and vegetable soak tank to the desired fill level using the
JohnsonDiversey supplied dispensing system and Suma Eden D4.5.
2. Pre-rinse heavily soiled fruit and vegetables before further processing.
3. Submerge prepared produce (chopped, peeled, sliced, etc.) into the antibacterial solution
and let stand for at least 60 seconds. Scrub or agitate produce to remove gross soils as
4. Remove produce and allow to drain well. Rinse with potable water if desired.
5. Drain and refill soak tank with fresh antibacterial solution every 8hrs, or sooner, should
soil load become excessive.
For further advise please consult your JohnsonDiversey representative.

Technical data:
Appearance Clear pale yellow liquid
pH neat (20 o C) < 1
pH in use 0.2% solution approx. 2.3
Specific Gravity approx. 1.3
These figures are typical values and should not be interpreted as specifications.

Click here for Suma Eden 4.5 MSDS.