Actichem Saniclean Powerful Sanitizing Degreaser

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Actichem's AP600 Saniclean, heavy duty alkaline detergent cleaner and sanitizer which provides powerful cleaning and sanitization in commercial kitchens, abbatoirs, and food manufacturing facilities.

It has a potent blend of surfactants, alkali, solvent and QAC biocide. It is powerful for cleaning, de-fatting and degreasing ability. It is approved for use in food handling establishments, chicken farms, veterinary hospitals and kennels. It is excellent for cleaning of shower recesses and washrooms.

Where to Use:

Cleaning of floor and hard surfaces in commercial kitchens and food manufacturing facilities.
The simultaneous degreasing and sanitizing of butcheries and abattoirs.
Bathrooms, shower cubicles and change rooms.

How to Use:

Read and understand ACTICHEM SANICLEAN MSDS before use.

Use protective gloves and eye protection if necessary.


For general heavy duty cleaning and sanitizing, dilute 1:10 to1:50 (100 to 20ml per litre of water).
Apply the solution to the surface being cleaned using a mop bucket or autoscrubber.
Agitate and allow at least 5 minutes dwell time for effective sanitizing action.
Rinse well with clear water
For shower cubicles use undiluted through spray bottle.

Use hot water for even better cleaning and sanitizing action.
Keep container closed to retain maximum performance.

Hazardous according to the criteria of Worksafe Australia
Observe safety recommendations made on the MSDS and product label.

Sizes 5 and 15 litres
Colour Orange
pH 12.0 to 12.5 RTU
Safety Irritant