Nilfisk VL500 35Basic Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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The VL500 series of wet and dry vacuum cleaners is offering performance and reliability that ensure low total cost of ownership and at the same time, has features making daily cleaning tasks easier, faster and safer.

VL500 Wet or Dry Vacuum Cleaner features:
• Single Motor (35L) and Dual Motor (75L) variants
• Stainless steel tubes prevent corrosion and wear
• Fail Safe Filter Design makes operation easier
• Dual Filtration for both wet and dry cleaning without the need to change filters between applications
• Onboard accessory storage
• Adjustable Handle (75L)
• Ergo Tipping makes emptying the container easier and effortless (75L)
• Folding Transprt Handle (75L)
• Drain Hose (75L)
• One Year Commercial Warranty...

Easy changing of filters with a hinged motor head to protect the machine and speed up the process. The dual filtration system allows the machine to clean both wet and dry applications without the need to change filter.
VL500 is ideal for hotels, contract cleaners, education, exhibition and conference centers as well as public buildings, manufacturing and industrial applications.

 Multi fit hose connector, stainless steel tube, accessory storage and nozzle parking. Available in 35 and 75 versions. Available with basic wet and dry sack filter, or with the new innovative dual filter.

A failsafe filter design makes operation easy due to the ability to have individual wet and dry filters working simultaneously. Each filter is specific for either a wet or dry application ensuring maximum performance. With the special dual filtration system, Nilfisk VL500 can be used in whatever environment, wet or dry, without the need to change filters.

VL500  Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Inclusion:

VL500 35 Basic (NI107405179) Includes:

107407310 Floor Nozzle Rubber Strip
107407311 Floor Nozzle Brush
107407312 Brush Nozzle
107407334 Crevice Nozzle
107407309 Extension Tube Stainless Steel
107407308 Hose Complete
107407296 Sack Filter

VL500 75 Ergo (NI107405185) Includes:

107407338 Floor Nozzle Rubber Strip
107407339 Floor Nozzle Brush
107408850 Crevice Nozzle
107407337 Extension Tube Stainless Steel
107407336 Hose Complete
107407300 Cartridge Filter
107407302 Wet Filter
107407335 Tubeholder

Click below image to watch on how Nilfisk VL500 Series works.

VL500 35 Basic ; VL500 75 Ergo
Cable length (m)/ plug type 10/AUS ; 10/AUS
Volt/frequency (V/Hz) 220-240/50 ;  220-240/50
Ip protection class IP24
Rated power (W) 1350 ; 2500
Power piec (W) 1250 ; 2400
Suction power end of tube (W) 250 ; 200
Airflow (l/sec) 48 ; 72
Vacuum at nozzle (kPa) 20 ; 21
Sound pressure level (dB(A) BS 5415) 62 ; 66
Sound power level (dB(A) IEC 704) 81 ; 84
Tank capacity (l) 35 ; 75
Dust bag capacity (l) 18 ; 44
Sack filter area (cm²) 1051 ; -
Wet filter area (cm²) - ; 1840
Cartridge filter area (cm²) - ; 4410 (OPTIONAL)
Hose length (m) 1.9 ; 2.5
Inlet (mm) 32 ; 40
Weight (kg) 11.5 ; 28.5
Length x width x height (mm) 460x420x730 ; 660x620x1030
Tube holder YES
Dual filter system N/A ; YES
Storage of accessories


Dual Power -- ; YES
Folding transport handle -- ; YES
Adjustable handle -- ; YES
Storage of accessories -- ; YES
Drain hose

-- ; YES

Ergo tipping -- ; YES