Peerless De-ion Wash Machine Dishwashing Liquid

De-Ion Wash Liquid is an alkaline based liquid that will maximise the removal of all fatty soils on crockery and glassware. It is safe to use on enamels and ceramics if dosed at the recommended concentration.


Peerless Majestic Liquid Hand Soap

A liquid toilet soap, gentle enough for an infants skin. Majestic is a scientifically formulated and highly concentrated liquid. Ideally suited for use in liquid soap dispensers.

Suma Sure Link Crystal A8 Rinse Additive

Suma Sure Link Crystal A8 is a concentrated acid rinse additive.

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Fairy Professional Dishwashing Liquid Lemon 5L

Fairy Professional Dishwashing Liquid is powerful and effectively lifts and cleans tough grease, from pots and pans, thus giving you time to focus on guests.  5L can clean up to 50,000 plates.

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Jasol Titan Dishwashing Liquid Lemon Fresh 1L

Titan Dishwashing Liquid is ready to use, perfect for everyday dishes and stainless steel cookware. It cuts through grease and stuck-on foods with ease. Great dishwashing soap in all food preparation areas and institutional kitchens.

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Cleaners Supermarket® Auto Dishwash Liquid

Chlorinated Auto dishwash is a concentrated, non scaling chlorinated dishwashing machine liquid. It controls water hardness, effectively penetrates and removes soil from the dishware.


Automatic Machine Dishwash Liquid

Automatic Machine Dishwash Liquid is a strong alkaline, low foam detergent with added water conditioners and tannin stain control for tea & coffee cups.


Actichem Klenzmatic Machine Dishwashing Liquid

Actichem's AP210 Klenzmatic, machine detergent, a professionally formulated, alkaline dishwashing liquid for use through automatic dishwasher dosing systems.


Actichem Glassmatic Auto Glass washing Liquid

Actichem AP213 Glassmatic is a professionally formulated, glasswashing liquid created for use through automatic glass washing machines.

PERFECTION Glasswashing Detergent 5L

Perfection Glass Washing Detergent is formulated especially for the removal of colour, stains, germs and soils which are the main cause of flat beer and soft drinks.
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Agar Ac-201 Acid Based Liquid CIP Detergent 200L

Phosphoric acid-based liquid CIP detergent for removing food residues,  scale, beerstone, minerals and lime from metallic, plastic and ceramic surfaces.

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K1 Super Conc Machine Dishwashing Liquid

Super concentrated automatic machine dishwashing liquid. Ideal for auto dispensing systems.

Jasol Nu-Foam Wash N Up Liquid Neutral Foaming Detergent

Jasol Nu-Foam Wash N Up Liquid neutral foaming detergent used for manual dishwashing, general cleaning of lightly soiled areas such as floors, walls, bench tops, etc. for light degreasing work and is effective for vehicle washing and food processing areas.

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Agar Autodish Auto Liquid DishWash Detergent

Agar Autodish Automatic Dishwashing Detergent is a non-toxic, chlorinated high-performance liquid detergent for machine washing of all tableware. It is an excellent cleaner for glass-ware, crockery and cutlery in automatic dishwashing machines.


Agars Autodish SP Auto Liquid Dishwash Detergent

Agar Autodish SP With the same high performance and free rinsing properties as Autodish, SP has been designed specially for hard water areas containing a special blend of water softeners to prevent scale build-up.

Agar Glass Wash Machine Glass Washing Detergent

Agar Glasswash Machine glass washing detergent that easily removes smears and film. Glasses sparkle, free of spotting even without additional rinse aid.

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Agar Lift Manual Dishwashing Detergent

Agar Lift Manual Dishwashing Detergent is designed for dish, glasses, utensils, cutlery and pot washing in the sink, this is a very versatile neutral detergent. Lift is a concentrated emulsifier with good foam height.

Agar Potwash Pot and Dishwashing Detergent

Agar Potwash Pot and Dishwashing Detergent  is a high performance detergent that provides excellent cleaning power whilst controlling staining. It leaves pots and pans sparkling clean. Safe on aluminium.

Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid 400ml

The Australia's #1 Dishwashing liquid is Morning Fresh, with superior grease cutting power. It is concentrated, thus, you only need to use a little to power through the greasiest pile of dishes for a spotless and sparkling clean.

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