Garbage Disposal Areas


Garbage Bin Treatment

Garbage Bin treatment is a  heavy duty all in one, biodegradable degreaser, disinfectant & deodoriser. Kills germs, bacteria that cause odour in same time,
leaving a fresh fragrance.

Bin Easy Garbage Bin Deodoriser Cleaner Granules

Clean those smelly trash bins with Bin Easy Garbage Bin Deodoriser Cleaner Granules with peppermint oil for a fresh long lasting smell.  This bin cleaner is very simple to use. It also contain Citronella Oil as a Fly Repellent.

Nilodew Dumpster Deodorising Granules

Nilodew Dumpster Deodorising Granules is specially formulated with the world famous Super N Concentrate, Nilodew neutralizes obnoxious odors and deters pests. Nilodew is a clay and Zeolite based granular deodorizer that contains a natural odor absorbent, proprietary odor neutralizer to fight odors and Citronella oil.


Septone Pacific Breeze Odour Control Disinfectant

Odour Control Masking Compound and disinfectant in one. Septone Pacific Breeze Odour Control Disinfectant is specifically designed to reduce unpleasant emissions in sewage treatment plants, abattoirs, waste disposal sites, compactors, waste bins and grease traps.


Airlift Caress Odourlifter and Cleaner - Research Products

Time release disinfectant, cleaner and deodorant with 48-hour residual aroma. The first non-cloying 48hr residual deodoriser cleaner.

Airlift Florafresh Odour Lifter and Fungicide

A reintroduced upgraded new formula to a brilliant new standard of performance. Uses an unusual clinging fresh clean scent which will be found especially effective in sporting clubs, sauna rooms and aerobic and squash centres.

Airlift Jellybean Odour Lifter - Deodoriser - Research Products

Airlift Jellybean Odour Lifter - Deodoriser started it all and is our most effective deodorant that has proven to clean and deodorise effectively in the most heavily used public facilities or badly ventilated toilets.

Airlift Alpine Time Release Odourlifter and Cleaner - 5L

Specifically developed to control mould, fungus, soap, body fat proteins and urine decomposition found in washrooms. It has also been developed and proven to help eradicate tinea (athletes foot) common in washrooms and change rooms.

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Airlift Spice Island Odourlifter and Cleaner - Research Products

Airlift Spice Island from Research Products, an exotic masculine and powerful deodorant qualities with high residuality. Very popular for spraying as well as mopping.

Twice The Spice Double Strength Cleaner and Deodorant

All-in-one double strength deodorant and cleaner. Twice The Spice deodorant air freshener and cleaner is a significant advance in the chemistry of odour control and freshening the environment.


Enzyme Wizard Wheelie Bin Cleaner and Deodoriser

Enzyme Wizard Wheelie Bin Cleaner and Deodoriser, a pH neutral, soap free, septic safe, no palm oil, non-toxic wheelie bin cleaner and deodoriser. It is a super concentrated organic formula specifically blended for removal of all Biofilm (also known as slime).


Agar Wheelie Bin Cleaner

Agar Wheelie Bin Cleaner is a concentrated heavy-duty detergent with 3-way action - as a detergent, sanitiser and air freshener all in one product. It is formulated especially for cleaning up, sanitising, and deodorising plastic wheelie bins and garbage receptacles.