Floor Scrubbing Tools

MR CLEAN Tile Scrub

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Stiff hard-wearing bristles for scrubbing and with soft grip handle for good grip.
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Oates Eager Beaver Floor Tool fits both 22mm and 25mm handles.

Available fitted with an aluminium handle and colour coded cap in blue, green, red, white and yellow. 
This floor tool is great for multiple scrubbing jobs.

Oates Eager Beaver Hand Tool

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Oates Eager Beaver Hand Tool has a sturdy construction and comfortable holder. It takes pad sizes 250 x 110mm.

This hand tool is ideal for heavy duty scrubbing and removing tough grime. It has swivel head to easily get into corners.

Griprite Bug Holder - Pole Fitting

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Pole fitting utility pad holder. It can be used with 22mm to 25mm wooden or aluminium handles.


Griprite Bug Holder Hand Held

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Hand held utility pad and food service pad holder.


Utility Pads 250 x 110mm

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Utility pads for use with hand held or pole fitting holders. Various colours for degrees of abrasiveness.

Lighter the colour, the less abrasive, the darker, the more aggressive. Black removes wax build up. Green is used for regular scrubbing. Brown removes heavy wax build up. Blue is for heavy spray cleaning. Red is used for light spray cleaning. White is non-abrasive for high gloss finish.

Vileda Bath Magic

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Cleaning system designed specifically for the bathroom. The extendable handle and unique swivel head allows you to get into those hard to reach corners without the need to bend and stretch.

Includes a detachable scouring sponge & re-usable cloth. Ideal for the shower, bath tub, tiles and glass.

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Detachable scouring sponge & re-usable cloth

Plastic Hand Tool 25cm x 11cm

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Heavy-duty construction. Easy grip handle 238mm x 95mm

Plastic Floor Tool Pad

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Use with our plastic floor tool or plastic  hand tool. 252mm x 110mm . Available colours are blue, black, brown, green, red and white.

Plastic Floor Tool - 22 & 25mm Handles

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Heavy-duty construction with swivel head for easy manoeuvrability. For use with 22mm or 25mm handles. 230mm x 95mm

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Professional Tile Scrub has a universal swivel socket that allows cleaning in tight and difficult areas. It is great for tiled flooring and walls.
Colour coded to help reduce the risk of cross contamination between working areas. Available in blue, green, red and yellow.