Holsters & Misc Accessories

Complete range of Window Cleaning Accessories, Squeegee, Window Washer, Telescopic Pole, Ettore, Wagtail, Unger, Water Fed Pole, Pulex, Window Squeegee.

Wagtail Angle Arm

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Wagtail Angle Arm is an extremely versatile attachment. Gives extra reach, improves access to awkward surfaces and adapts Wagtail products for use on floors.

This adapter fits onto any pole or can be hand held. Angled towards a window it can be used for ledges or cleaning outside a window from the inside. 

Reverse the angle and this extension will speed-up top to bottom cleaning and pole work.

Inside the handle and the tip is tapered to prevent jamming and allow easy removal of tools and pole.

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Wagtail Erkenomic Flex Pole is a great addition to your cleaning tool, compound angle pole tip attached to flexible plastic pole 80cm.

Simply attach your Wagtail tool to the compound angle and you will be able to reach most standard windows from top to bottom without the use of a step ladder or bending down.

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Moerman Blue Side Kit Pouch is water resistant with 3 compartments and a bottle holder to stock all the window cleaning essentials by your side making work efficient. It can hold a detergent bottle, and can separate dry and wet cloths to avoid contamination.

It features belt clips for easy on/off, and magnetic strip for easy opening and closing.

Moerman Dr Angle - Angle Adapter

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Moerman Dr Angle Adapter is the next generation adapter which allows professional cleaners flexibility to reach those hard to get areas while using extension pole.

-Simple angle adjustment.
- Universal fit, can be used on many poles.
- Wide angle range : -50° to +105° – designed to get to those hard-to-reach spaces.
- New Easy release button, makes changing your tools a lot faster.

Get your window cleaning tools at the right angle with the Moerman Dr. Angle that attaches to your extension pole.

Moerman Drywalker Flex

Full Set
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Keeping legs dry while cleaning windows is possible with Moerman Drywalker Flex. Drywalker Flex is the Moerman ingenuity to succeed in not only creating the best conditions to keep your legs dry but also to properly organise your work gear.

- 100% dry leg system
- Realised in highly abrasion-resistant and lightweight materials.
- Easy slide locking system
- modular, detachable and water-proof.
- Lightweight: 470 gr / 16.5 oz
- Easy release slide buttons
- Accommodates most squeegees & applicators in the market.

The clever storage compartments in the Drywalker Flex combines practical and elegance in a contemporary design. This BOAB will keep your squeegees and applicators more accessible.

Customize your own Drywalker Flex, show off your wanderlust and share your adventures. The choice is yours: a double squeegee holder or squeegee holder with bucket.

For the ultimate experience you can also choose to wear two: one on each side and all your gear is at first hand!

Wagtail Hip Dipper

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Wagtail Hip Dipper is a great accessory for window cleaning - a bucket on a belt with squeezable plastic bag.

Very light to carry only requiring a minimal amount of water and therefore minimal chance of spillage when moving about with it on. You dip your mop or Flipper into the Hip Dipper and squeeze the water up to wet the pad.

Wagtail Pole Cap

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Wagtail Pole Cap is designed for easy insertion and removal of window cleaning tools from most manufacturers.

Fits poles 20 to 22mm in diameter. It comes in 2 per pack.

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Wagtail Limiter Pins for PC handle. It comes in 10 per pack.

Pulex Tubex Holster w/ Detachable Clip

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The Pulex Tubex is a multi purpose plastic holder designed to hold the squeegee of various sizes and the window washer all in every limited compact space. The washer stays wet ready for use without dripping.

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Speed, flexibility and convenience. Sidekick delivers all three in a dripless holster that puts squeegee, washer and mini bucket on the hip.

Accepts any brand of squeegee and stripwasher up to 18". Reversible design for left or right handers.  (Belt and tools not included)

Ettore Single Leather Holster

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Conveniently designed to hold your squeegee so its right there when you need it. Fits all standard work belts

Ettore Dual Leather Holster

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Holds two squeegees. Genuine leather.

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Two pockets hold 6" scraper and wipers
Special hidden pocket holds replacement blades

Ettore Double Loop Holster

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Ettore Super Belt

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Heavy duty nylon. Designed to fit Ettore holsters. Towel holder

Ettore Super Belt Complete

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Ettore leather belt system holds scraper, 2 squeegees and rags.

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i-Suit Ergonomic Harness is designed to wash windows without the struggle. This is a revolutionary way of window washing relieving the user at least 50% of physical strain during their work. No more shoulder injuries and back pain while washing the windows, day-in, day-out.
This helps in increasing the productivity of workers, working ergonomically and responsibly, and decreasing physical strain. It may assist with long term Window Cleaning Procedures and Large Water Fed Poles. Surely, I-suit is an eye catching innovation changing the way window washing is done forever.

Ettore Superbrush

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The ultimate cobweb brush. It is excellent for wall washing & vehicle washing. It has the ability to swivel from left to right. These bristles get under the web and lift them off the surface

Unger NINJA Bucket On A Belt

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Unger NINJA Bucket On A Belt redesigned and upgraded, Bucket-On-A-Belt holds all the tools needed – washer, two squeegees if required, safety scraper plus the essential cleaning fluid.

It can be used by left-handed or right-handed workers. Leaves hands free for cleaning. Saves constant climbing up and down a ladder to re-wet washers. Special new snap-on catch to attach to belt or to ladder.

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The Unger “The Belt” is made specifically for the Unger Bucket-On-A-Belt. The belt adjusts up to 165cm and features two loops for tools and side release plastic buckle. Use with Bucket-On-A-Belt. This is made of 50mm heavy duty nylon webbing.

Convenient: Loops for tools (squeegee, etc.). Quick: Clip lock. Quality: Solid nylon material.

Save time from constant climbing up and down ladders to re-wet washer. Free your hands for cleaning with Unger Belt and Bucket-in-the-Belt!

Unger Fixi-Clamp

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Unger Fixi-Clamp is made of fibreglass reinforced nylon. Innovative design quickly and easily grips sponges, rags, cloths, mop heads and Handi-Brush.

Use with many types of cleaning solvents and liquids. Easily attaches to all Unger poles.

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Unger Cranked Joint Angle Adaptor is made of nylon. Lightweight and durable. Adjust tools to clean at any angle up to 300°.

Squeegees, washers and other tools can be quickly attached.

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Cleaning windows is made easy with Unger Window Cleaning Kit. It includes bucket-on-a-belt & Squeegee & Washer & Scraper. Recommended for restaurants, schools, offices and hotels.

This window cleaning kit includes:
12L Window Cleaning Bucket
Lid for Bucket
Unger Window Cleaning Liquid 1L
Unger 35cm ErgoTec T-Bar
Unger 35cm Micro Strip Washer
Unger ErgoTec Handle
Unger 35cm Stainless Steel Channel
Microfibre Cloth - Green
Unger Safety Scraper


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Holster, Super Duper, no belt

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This is a great holster for the residential cleaner. It has plenty of storage space for tools and is tough and light.
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Moerman Tool Holder for 2 squeegees and 1 washer. Accepts all brands up to 45 cm /18". Strong and durable, impact-resistant, left/right handed.

Ideal on ladders or for interior work. Clip lock for quick fastening. Limited swivel-stop. Reinforced ring - lasts longer.

Huck Towels

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Previously a lint free towel used in surgial procedures, these are washed and recycled for use in replcement of traditonal scrim cloth for window cleaners.

Unger Pre Washed Scrim

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Unger Pre Washed Scrim specially woven fabric without lint. Ideal for window cleaners as it has an open weave which allows the best drying time available. Sturdy and will hold up to many months of work.

Dimensions: approx 900mm x 900mm. Call us now for a special discount on pack of 10.

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Nylon mesh covered sponge ideal for cleaning glass or bugs from the front of your car. Will not scratch. Available in 2 sizes.

Brush for Window Track - Short Red

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Hand held brush with heavy duty synthetic bristles to pick up the toughest dirt for w.This handy 50mm brush fits in your back pocket, its small but mighty.

Long stiff bristles get into the tightest tracks and loosen the most stubborn dirt.

Steel Wool Pad 150MM X 220MM Grade 0000

JR25-52 (JR26-52)
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Steel Wool Pad is ideal for glass, marble, metal and ceramic.

You can fit this onto a Eager Beaver holder to use by hand, floor pole or extension pole. Or simply use with your hand as is.

Steel Wool Bag Grade 0000

Bag of 3
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Ideal for glass, marble, metal and ceramic. Also recommended for use with Howards Restor-A-Finish

Wiljer Microfibre Bonnet

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Great for soaking up and applying liquid to glass surfaces. Can be used with the Wiljer hand or swivel applicator.

Swivel Applicator Pad Holder

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To be used with the Wiljer Bonnets. Fits onto an extension pole in order to apply liquid to hard to reach windows.
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This Knuckler Woolit Pad Holder combined with one of the Woolit Cleaning Pad is an ideal tool for removing hard water from glass, windows, and shower doors.

The Mr. Hard Water Knuckler™ Hand Scrubbing Tool is a re-useable, durable, tough scrubbing block that saves your knuckles when scrubbing!  It’s great for cleaning edges, flat, or curved surfaces.  Mr. Hard Water™ Gold or Silver Knuckler™ Cleaning Pads™ fit snugly on the Knuckler™ and are easily changed out.

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Hard water removal from glass has never been easier. The Knuckler™ Gold Cleaning Pad™ fits the Knuckler™ scrubbing tool - giving it a dimension of workability that cleans, polishes, and restores. Guaranteed soft, tough, safe, and non-scratch on glass.

It’s the only pad specifically designed for hard water removal from auto/marine/RV windshields, shower doors, glass table tops, windows and more.

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Soft, tough, safe, and non-scratch on glass. #0000 Steel Wool pad specifically designed for hard water removal.

It’s the only pad specifically designed for hard water removal from auto/marine/rv windshields, shower doors, glass table tops, windows and more. The pad is soft enough not to scratch but tough enough to remove hard water stains and dirt.

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Woolit Belt Pouch is durable, light-weight, water resistant and holds the Knuckler™ scrub tool or any can of beer ( if thats 12oz )!

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Mr. Hard Water™ Gold Cleaning Pad & Sponge - Hard Water, Glass, Tile, Metal & Windshields
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5 inch Steel Wool Pad #0000 Steel Wool for Hard Water, Glass, Tile, Metal & Windshields - replacement Pad
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5 inch Bronze Pad replacement - Bronze Wool for Hard Water, Glass, Tile, Metal & Windshields.
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Ideal for removing tough hard water stains from sensitive surfaces such as window glass and shower doors

Pad Adaptor 5" for 5/8-11shaft

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5 inch pad adapter for variable speed polisher. Center threaded hub fits 5/8-11 angle polisher spindles.

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Attaches to drill on one end and rubber pad on the other for glass repair.

Unger HiFlo Aluminium Pad Holder 8" 250mm

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Euro-threaded, Unger 8" aluminum pad holder with a swivel head. Attach the available 8" Unger White Scrub Pad, Microfiber Polish Pad, and Microfiber Wash Pad to your pole. Also accepts 6" x 9" scrubbing pads.

Unger Microfibre Polishing Pad 8" 20cm

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This 8" 200mm Unger Microfiber Polish Pad is ideal for maintenance cleaning and final polish.

CC Leather Scraper Holster

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Most scrapers fit in this holster. Snap-lock leather flap goes over the top of your scraper for a secure hold.

Pulex Clip Male End Tubex

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Often this little part goes missing and up unit now, the only way was to buy a whole new Tubex bucket to get this part. Cleaners supermarket has imported this male clip to " make sense" and frankly to help our customers save time and money.

Dangerous Dave's MINI Bull Ring Single

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A towel holster made of leather and a metal ring. Handmade by your fellow window cleaner, David Gutierrez. Forum known as Dangerous Dave.

Use this innovative new product to keep your towels and micro fibers close at hand. Allows you to easily put towels away and even easier to grab it. The smooth metal ring releases the towel with ease when you grab it and flops down and grips the towel when hanging from your belt.

Dangerous Dave's Bull Ring Holster Single

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A towel holder and squeegee holster made of leather and 1 metal rings. Handmade by your fellow window cleaner, David Gutierrez. Forum known as Dangerous Dave.

Use this innovative new product to keep your towels and micro fibers close at hand. Allows you to easily put towels away and even easier to grab it. The smooth metal ring releases the towel with ease when you grab it and flops down and grips the towel when hanging from your belt.