Pressure Cleaning

Carbon fibre pressure cleaning poles for maximum strength to weight ratio, enabling you to reach pressure hose up to 4 storeys.

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HP HX Comp Carbon Composite Pressure Washer Cleaning Poles are designed to fit most pressure washers, hose rated to 4000 psi (280bar). With the use of these cleaning poles, tasks are performed quickly and dirt is removed efficiently.

Ideal for high pressure cleaning applications such as gutters, cladding, wall surfaces, signs, decking, patios, paths and driveways, etc.

Available 6.8m, 8m, 9.4m, and 12.5m.

Note: Image shown is used for display purposes only. Colour or number of items shown may change due to manufacture or item variant ordered.
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High Pressure Swivel for Pressure Poles Female Threads.
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42' (12.80m), 7 section super strong unidirectional carbon fibre pressure cleaning pole, complete with pressure gun, nozzle and hose.  Ideal heavy duty pole for pressure cleaning.

Diversify your business with Alpha's new 75% carbon fibre pressure cleaning pole, complete with high pressure gun, quick-connect nozzle and single wire high pressure hose. It works up to 4 storeys or remove sections so you can work with a lighter/shorter pole when necessary.


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Boost your water pressure with this 12V 100psi pump. Simply hook up Prompump Pressure Pump to a battery and enjoy a consistent flow.