Pressure Cleaning

Carbon fibre pressure cleaning poles for maximum strength to weight ratio, enabling you to reach pressure hose up to 4 storeys.

High Pressure Pole Kit

Convert your waterfed pole - Aero Control, Aero Attack or Aero Boss water fed pole to a pressure cleaning pole.

Brass Spray Nozzle Pack

1/4″ quick connect stainless and brass spray nozzle pack to select different spray angles for hard-to-reach areas.

Trigger Mount

Trigger mount to fit to your 7m, 10m or 13m Aero Control, Aero Attack, Aero Boss or Aero Force-X poles. Combine with High Pressure Pole Kit to turn your water fed pole into a pressure cleaning pole

22mm to 3/8″ Quick Connect Adapter

Brass adapter for your 22mm fitting to adapt to a 3/8″ quick connect.

Hybrid Carbon Composite Pressure Washer Cleaning Poles

HP HX Comp Carbon Composite Pressure Washer Cleaning Poles are designed to fit most pressure washers, hose rated to 4000 psi (280bar). With the use of these cleaning poles, tasks are performed quickly and dirt is removed efficiently.

High Pressure Single Swivel

High Pressure Swivel for Pressure Poles Female Threads.