Waterfed Resin and Filters

Thermax Tulsion is the best and most popular window cleaning resin in the world. It features a mix of T-46 and A-33, it combines high capacity with excellent physical properties. It’s the longest lasting resin for pure water use.

Resin costs average between $1 per hour in soft water areas and $10 per hour in the most extreme hard water areas. The more you get the cheaper it is, and it’ll last if kept sealed in a cool area. Hard water blend recommended for those in hard water areas (WA, SA, rural) for extended life to the resin.

Watermart 5 Micron Carbon Filter 10in x 2.5in

5 micron pre-filter to remove solids before water flows through resin on our Water Treatment Systems. 5 micron will allow more solids through than the 1 micron, meaning resin works a little harder.
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Watermart 5 Micron Carbon Filter 7″ x 2.5″

5 micron pre-filter for GO H2O DI Systems (purchased Aug 2018 & beyond) to remove solids from your input water before it flows through the resin.

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Resin Funnel Filler

Never spill a drop of resin with this easy-pour funnel. Fits perfectly with waterfed and RHG DI tanks.
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Thermax Tulsion MB-115 Mixed Bed Resin 25L

The best performing mixed bed deionisation resin to give you a spot-free finish. Virgin resin, not regenerated. For use in DI and RO pure water systems.
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Thermax Tulsion Hard Water Blend Resin 25L

A unique blend of nuclear-grade Thermax anion and cation resin specially designed for WWWCS & RHG water treatment systems in hardwater areas.
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Solarwash Resin 25L Bag

Excellent new product to help clean solar panels. Solarwash Resin ionises the water to assist in cleaning, and removes hard water molecules from the water. Lasts up to 50% longer than standard mixed bed resin. Free pH Meter on your first purchase!

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Pure Cation Resin

Pure Cation Resin
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