Filters and Housings

Set up your waterfed system with premium de-ionisation tanks, lightweight steel trolleys and housings, as well as carbon and sediment filters of different sizes.

De-Ionisation Tank

De-Ionisation Tank includes central riser and distributer, in and out head and retaining bucket. Available in different sizes.

Watermart 5 Micron Carbon Filter 7″ x 2.5″

5 micron pre-filter for GO H2O DI Systems (purchased Aug 2018 & beyond) to remove solids from your input water before it flows through the resin.

Watermart 5 Micron Carbon Filter 10in x 2.5in

5 micron pre-filter to remove solids before water flows through resin on our Water Treatment Systems. 5 micron will allow more solids through than the 1 micron, meaning resin works a little harder.

Watermart 1 Micron Carbon Filter 10in x 2.5in

1 micron pre-filter to remove larger solids before water flows through resin on our Water Treatment Systems. 1 micron is a finer filter than the 5 micron.

10in x 2.5in Watermart 5 Micron Sediment Filter

Sediment pre-filter for use with the double pre-filtration systems on Water Treatment System 2 to extend the life of the resin.

2 x 10in x 2.5in Housing for Sediment&Carbon 5 Micron

Double filtration housing for 10.5'' x 2.5'' carbon and sediment filter cartridges with double 'O' ring seal.

Multi-Cart Trolley and Hose Reel

All-in-one DI trolley and compact hose reel. House Reel is mountable and removable - mount up to two at once.

Lift and Carry Hose Reel - Empty - No Hose

Compact lift and carry hose reel. It can be added to Combination DI Trolley to be wheeled. It can be fitted with 50m or 100m of 12mm hose.

Mulit-Cart DI Trolley Only

Compact DI trolley on its own. Capability to add adjoining compact hose reel/s separately. Choose either 12.5L tank size, or 16L & 25L.

Multi-cart Exstension

Add a second axel and mounting point to mount your Lift & Carry Hose Reel to your Multi-Cart DI Trolley

Filter Wrench

Spanner for use on McLennan Head filter housings