Small Indoor Brooms



Oates General Indoor Broom

Oates General Indoor Broom PVC Fill.28cm stock. It is a multi use broom - for tiles and confined areas. Fitted with Multifit Powder Coated Handle.


Oates Ultimate Indoor Broom Handled

Oates Ultimate Indoor Broom has modern style and colours. It has soft flagged bristles. 30cm stock. It is a hard wearing indoor broom, great for corner sweeping. It is fitted with Multifit Powder Coated Handle.


Oates Classic Plus Ultimate Indoor Broom

Oates Classic Plus Ultimate Indoor Broom has extra long flagged bristles trap dirt, and soft and dense bristles for a thorough sweep. Its steel handle is powder coated.


Oates Floormaster Broom

Oates Floormaster Broom is a blend of soft natural & synthetic fibres to effectively collect hair and dust. 30cm stock. It is ideal for fine dust particles on slate and lino and for corner sweeping.


Heritage Broom

Pure Haire. 300mm Traditional colonial style varnished 300mm stock. Filled with pure hair, this is the best broom for polished floors and will not flick dirt particles. Comes with 22mm timber handle.

Jiffy Broom with Handle - Sabco

Lightweight easy to use broom for all those indoor clean-ups (25cm board). Flagged ends collect even the finest dirt & dust particles for a thorough sweep.  

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Sabco Xtra Sweep Broom - Medium Duty Broom with Handle

Sabco Xtra Sweep Broom gives maximum results of all indoor applications. This is a best all-rounder indoor broom which has flagged ends which collect even the finest dirt & dust particles, and for a thorough sweep.

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Indoor Premium Broom with Handle

Lightweight easy to use broom for all those indoor clean-ups. With soft rubber ends to prevent scratching and marking of walls etc (30cm board).

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Polished Floor Broom - Sabco

Polished Floor Broom with Handle. Natural fibres provide premium results for all round clean-ups. It has soft fibre and durable bristles that provide easy and effective dirt and dust control. (29.5cm board).

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Skirting Board Broom with Handle

Sides allow for easy removal of dirt and dust on skirting boards (24.5cm board). Dense bristles for maximum sweeping performance.

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Oates Light Sweep Broom - Head Only

Light Sweep Broom PVC Fill. 28cm stock. Light duty and easy to use. Ligth sweep head only. This is perfect for tiled surface.

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Oates Space Saver Indoor Broom

Oates Space Saver Indoor Broom has a robust snap lock handle for easy storage & cleaning in hard to reach places. It has soft bumpers to protect walls & furniture.

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Large Area Indoor Broom - Sabco

 Ideal for sweeping Fine Dirt & Dust from Large Area Smooth Surfaces (e.g.. Halls, Gymnasiums, Factory Floors etc).

Merribrite Deluxe Broom

Premium broom for indoor use, fully flagged soft bristle to trap and collect dust and dirt.
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Household Broom Head

General purpose budget broom head. Mixed colours. 25cm wide.
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Economy Household Broom with Handle

General purpose handled broom for light use and smaller areas. Fully flagged 250mm x 1200mm handle.
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Catch All Broom and Dustpan Set

Time-Saver - sweep, collect & go. Compact dustpan set conveniently clips onto slimline broom.
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Oates 450mm Jumbo Indoor Broom with Handle

450 extra large indoor broom. Dense bristles for a thorough sweep. These jumbo indoor broom are colour coded to help avoid cross contamination between work areas.

Indoor Broom with Handle

275mm soft bristle broom with 1.3 metre handle for indoor. Rubber non-marking bumpers to prevent scratching and marking of skirting.

Kitchen Broom Head 270mm

Kitchen Broom Head with flagged polypropylene bristles to easily trap dirt. 270mm width.

Sweep Complete Floor Sweep with Squeegee 3Pc Aluminium Handle

Sweep has plastic block and fill with integrated squeegee. It comes with 60", 3-piece aluminum handle with brace.
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Kitchen Indoor Broom with Handle

Light duty indoor broom head with soft PVC fill. It is suitable for smaller indoor areas.
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Eclipse Indoor Broom with Handle

Medium duty indoor broom which is ideal for all household sweeping tasks.
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Eclipse POWERSTRIP Indoor Broom with Handle

As Eclipse Indoor broom, plus stiff POWERSTRIP bristles inside soft PVC bristle outside.
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Galaxy Horsehair Indoor Broom with Handle

Indoor broom that is ideal for timber, marble, tiles and other smooth & polished surfaces.
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Cobweb Broom with Telescopic Handle

The only Australian made cobweb broom on the market.
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General Indoor Broom Head

General indoor broom head with soft PVC bristles. Fits most ALL mop handles.

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Supreme Indoor Broomhead

Medium duty indoor broom head which is great for all household sweeping tasks.

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