Alkaline and Caustic Based Degreasers

Heavy Duty Degreaser

Fome Chlorinated Foaming Cleaner

Foam Chlorinated is a heavy duty chlorinated foaming cleaner and sanitiser formulated for use in food processing plants.


Crossfire Super Cleaner Degreaser Stripper - Research Products

Super cleaner, degreaser & stripper. “It just mows down dirt, grease and grime” Crossfire is an instant action liquid cleaner. It is formulated to attack the dirtiest industrial and institutional cleaning jobs with minimal surface scrubbing or manual effort.


Peerless Clean Shop Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser

Clean Shop is a concentrated cleaner degreaser that is used to wash floors and remove food spills. Effective on all types of hard surface flooring.


Activ Shift Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser

Activ Shift Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser. Highly concentrated industrial cleaner degreaser formulated with extra alkaline punch for added cleaning power.


SoSafe Spray Away pH Boosted

SoSafe Spray Away pH Boosted with Surface Active Technology is Australia’s fastest growing industrial degreaser with independently proven quick break capabilities*.

Taski Clearclean Plus Heavy Duty Degreaser 5L

Clearclean Plus Heavy Duty Degreaser is a highly reactive, low foaming industrial degreaser for all heavy duty degreasing.

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Taski Peneclean High Foaming Cleaner 5L

Penetrating cleaner that emulsifies and disperses dirt, soil and grime from a washable surfaces in one application. The high detergency action assists in the suspension of greasy soils so that they rinse freely from the surface without re-depositing or leaving a film
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Jasol Klenzall HD Cleaner

Klenzall HD Cleaner is a low-cost alkaline cleaner. Great for heavy duty cleaning and degreasing in shopping, industrial and institutional areas.