Earth Renewable - Best Green, Sustainable Healthy Cleaning Products

Looking for economical, non-toxic, best environment-friendly cleaning products? Consider Earth Renewable Cleaning Products, manufactured in Australia utilising the potent cleaning properties of ingredients derived from natural, biodegradable, renewable and sustainable botanical resources.

These cleaning products are easy to use, economical, and of course work as powerful as the toxic cleaning products you are using. We take pride that Earth Renewable Cleaning products are certified as environmentally friendly by Good Environmental Choice Australia – Australia’s peak green certification body.

Earth Renewable’s cost per litre of diluted cleaning product is less than most traditional cleaning products.

Earth Renewable cleaning products contain:
NO  Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
NO chlorine or bleaches
NO  harmful solvents
NO caustic alkalis
NO biocides
NO known toxins
NO known carcinogens

So if you are a childcare service provider, cleaning company, a building manager, corporation or worker looking for cleaning products that are best and safe for your health, the workplace, the environment and the planet, we recommend earth renewable range of commercial cleaning products!

Check out YouTube Movie below which explains a bit about what Earth Renewable do!

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How to Clean Artificial Grass? Earth Renewable Artificial Grass Cleaner contains a powerful multi-faceted Quat formula and is specifically designed to clean and maintain Artificial Grass Surfaces in a clean and hygienic state.  The product will also treat the areas adjacent to the grass such as paths, fences, pergolas and garden furniture.

- safe for children and pets and is 100% biodegradable
- simple and easy way to keep artificial grass clean, safe, presentable in 15 minutes of effort
- protects you from hidden risks that artificial grass may contain: algae, mould, lichens, animal droppings, hair, skin and environmental dirt as these will be removed during treatment

Experience a quick and easy to apply artificial grass cleaner, order Earth Renewable brand by Solopak - safe for the environment and safe for you and your children! All you have to do is wet the surface to be cleaned – job done, no hassle!

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Disinfects and sanitisers hands quickly where there is no water in just a single application with Earth Renewable Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser!

It’s so unique because it forms a protective antimicrobial barrier on the skin, which not only eliminates inactivate bacteria, viruses and fungi, but also prevents reinfection by maintaining a long lasting protective barrier against germs.
- fast drying and does not need to be rinsed off or towel dry
- gently moisturisers the skin with Aloe Vera
- manufactured in Australia by Solopak
- 500ml Pump Bottle delivers 2500 doses of Hand Sanitiser.
- 1L Pod of Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser which delivers 5000 Doses of Hand Sanitiser.
- Unlike traditional sanitisers, it utilises physical kill by lysing in other words, stabbing the outer membrane of the pathogen. Traditional hand sanitisers contain primarily ethyl or isopropyl alcohol formulations which are largely antibacterial in nature and only provide protection for a few minutes.

Earth Renewable Healthy Cleaning Starter Kit

Earth Renewable/Solopak
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Earth Renewable Healthy Cleaning Starter Kit is a great way to help Child Care Centre become more healthy for the users of the building and sustainable in its use of resources. It is perfect for commercial cleaning in child care centres, offices, schools, stores and warehouses.

So economical to use. For each bottle of 750ml concentrate, it can make up to 90 x 750ml spray bottles. Dishwashing Liquid provides up to 180 washes per 750ml bottle (use undiluted).

So if you  are looking for economical, safe, child-approved, 100% environment-friendly cleaning products? Look no further, order NOW our Earth Renewable Healthy Cleaning Starter Kit from Solopak! The solution for your daily cleaning needs, ideal for child care centre.

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Earth Renewable Air Freshener and Odour Counteractant used to freshen the Air and leaves the area with a refreshing Orange Peach Fragrance. Each 750ml bottle of Air Freshener concentrate makes up to 90 bottles of ready to use Air Freshener. 

Air Freshener is green in colour. Effective for off odours in the kitchen, toilet and laundry.
Options available: 750ml matching spray bottle, and Pack of 5 label

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Earth Renewable Dishwasher Powder for automatic dishwashing machines. Washed dishes are sparkling and streak free. Auto Dish wash Powder is white in colour.

Premium product for cleaning pots, pans, crockery, cutlery and glassware. Glassware is polished through repeated washing.

- Water spotting is eliminated.
- Outstanding results are the norm!
- Use in any hand dosed dishwashing machine for removal or normal and baked on food soils.

One pail of Earth Renewable dishwasher powder will wash up to 450 loads of dishes in a dishwashing machine.  What a huge saver!

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Earth Renewable Germex Cleaner and Deodoriser  with Quaternary Ammonium Disinfectant that will clean and deodorise surfaces in bathroom and toilet areas.  Each 750ml bottle of Germex concentrate makes up to 90 bottles of ready to use cleaner and deodoriser.
It is red in colour.  This perfumed neutral detergent can be used to clean bathroom, activity areas and nappy change tables. It is great for use in the washroom and general disinfecting of surfaces whenever it is needed.
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Earth Renewable Glass Cleaner is a water based cleaner which is excellent on glass, chrome and painted surfaces. Each 750ml bottle of Glass Cleaner concentrate makes up to 90 of 750ml bottles of ready to use Glass Cleaner.  Glass Cleaner is blue in colour.

Earth Renewable Glass Cleaner is the ultimate Asthma and Allergy Safe Cleaner. It has NO harmful VOCs like Ammonia, Methylated Spirits or Butyl Glycol. A highly versatile product which will removes most types of dirt from any surface not damaged by water. Sparkling Streak Free Result on glass and mirrors!

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Earth Renewable Laundry Liquid Washing Machine Detergent 750ml is formulated to remove most soils while being safe for most fabrics and pH neutral for sensitive skin. Each 750ml bottle of Laundry concentrate washes up to 90 loads of laundry in a normal domestic machine. Laundry Liquid is blue in colour.

Safe for Top and Front loaders. The product contains enzymes and is NOT recommended for wool and silk. Easily measured super concentrate requires only 2 pumps per wash load (pump included).

Earth Renewable Laundry Soaker 5kg Pail

Earth Renewable/Solopak
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Earth Renewable Laundry Soaker assists in the removal of organic stains from fabrics such as coffee, tea, foods including oils, chocolate, egg, tomato sauce, blood stains, etc.

Laundry Soaker is totally safe on all fabrics, colours and whites. One pail of laundry soaker can wash up to 250 load of laundry.

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Earth Renewable Neutral Floor Cleaner is a highly efficient cleaner for floors, walls, woodwork, and other washable surfaces where a neutral pH solution is needed. It helps remove dirt, dust, scuff marks, grease and oily soils.

Neutral Mopping Detergent.  Each 750ml bottle of Mops concentrate makes up to 90 bottles/buckets of ready to use Mops/Bucket Solution at a cost of 55 cents.

 No VOC fumes from Butyl Glycol or Ammonia and irritation from highly alkaline ingredients. It is use for the regular maintenance cleaning of most types of flooring including polished and unpolished vinyl, concrete, timber, marble and stone.

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Earth Renewable Spray and Wipe Cleaner can be used in many situations for removing everyday dust, dirt, oil and grime. It is ideal to use on most surfaces in the kitchen, activity areas and painted internal and external walls.
No VOC fumes from Butyl Glycol or Ammonia and irritation from highly alkaline ingredients. Easily measured super concentrate requires only 2 pumps per bottle/bucket (pump included). One bottle of concentrate dilutes with water to make up to 90 x 750ml Bottles of ready to use Spray and Wipe Cleaner.
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Earth Renewable Bathroom Cleaner helps remove of soap scum, body oil, lime & water scale and rust deposits from surfaces.  Each Bottle of Super Concentrate makes 90 Spray Bottles of Bathroom Cleaner
An acidic product which can be used to clean all areas of the bathroom including benches, shower recesses, toilets and glass partitions.
No choking acid fumes. Easily measured super concentrate requires only 2 pumps per bottle/bucket (pump included). One bottle of concentrate dilutes with water to make up to 90 x 750ml Bottles of ready to use Bathroom Cleaner.

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Earth Renewable Dishwashing Liquid is an environmentally preferable soap containing biodegradable cleaning agents for removing grease and baked-on food.
It is also used for giving you a clean sparkling dishes and glassware without leaving harmful chemical residue. One bottle of concentrate makes up to 180 x sinks of dishes. 1 Pack contains Dishwashing Liquid and Dispensing Pump.
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Earth Renewable Antibacterial foam soap that is gentle on the hands, even with frequent use. It has a light scent and contains Chloroxylenol (PCMX) which is a formula that does not irritate skin.

- easy-to-load hygienic, sealed refill bags come with a fresh valve to prevent clogs and leaks.
- Contains a Quaternary Ammonium Sanitiser which is a quick-acting Antimicrobial Agent while not being irritating to the skin.
- sulphate free which makes it safe for extra sensitive skin.
- Soap has a subtle orange and peach fragrance and hands smell fresh and clean after use

Available in 500ml, and 1000ml (cartridge).

Each 500ml bottle provides up to 2500 hand washes.
Each 1000ml Cartridge provides up to 5000 hand washes.

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Microfibre Laundry Detergent and Sanitiser removes stains and odours and restores the cleaning properties of microfiber with every wash.

- provides excellent cleaning of all types of Microfibre fabrics at low concentrations. This is achieved through the use of highly effective surfactants and enzyme boosters.
- contains no phosphates, no bleach, or perfume, is highly biodegradable and is particularly mild to the skin.

The powerful sanitiser molecules bind to the cloth during washing to provide an ongoing antibacterial effect without detracting from the cleaning performance of the cloth. Each 750ml bottle has enough laundry detergent for 90 loads of washing. The pack includes a dispensing pump.

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No need to rinse surfaces prior to commencing food preparation. Earth Renewable No Rinse Food Area Sanitiser is a concentrated quaternary ammonium compound based liquid sanitiser which is suitable for use in commercial food preparation areas.
Spray diluted sanitiser solution onto food contact surfaces to control microorganism levels between kitchen uses.

Use normal hand dishwashing liquid to remove grease and baked-on food and cleaning your dishes. Easily measured super concentrate requires only 1 pump per bottle (pump included). One bottle of concentrate dilutes with water to make up to 180 x 750ml Bottles of ready to use Sanitiser Solution.

Earth Renewable Sologenic Alcohol Hand Gel

Earth Renewable/Solopak
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Earth Renewable Sologenic Alcohol Cleaning hand gel sanitises and disinfects hands quickly where there is no water. 65% V/V Alcohol. Packaged in easy to load hygienic sealed pods.
Effective: for killing microorganisms. This hand sanitiser is fast drying and does not need to be rinsed off or towel dry. It contains Emollients to moisturize and protect the skin. Available in 1000ml.