Earth Renewable Antibacterial Foam Soap

Earth Renewable
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Earth Renewable Antibacterial foam soap that is gentle on the hands, even with frequent use. It has a light scent and contains Chloroxylenol (PCMX) which is a formula that does not irritate skin.

- easy-to-load hygienic, sealed refill bags come with a fresh valve to prevent clogs and leaks.
- Contains a Quaternary Ammonium Sanitiser which is a quick-acting Antimicrobial Agent while not being irritating to the skin.
- sulphate free which makes it safe for extra sensitive skin.
- Soap has a subtle orange and peach fragrance and hands smell fresh and clean after use

Available in 500ml, and 1000ml (cartridge).

Each 500ml bottle provides up to 2500 hand washes.
Each 1000ml Cartridge provides up to 5000 hand washes.

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