Whiteley Medical Cleaning Products


Whiteley Medical is the leading technical pioneer of surface disinfection in Australia and globally. Our comprehensive range of cleaning products have been developed to suit a variety of applications. The range of products continues to expand as new challenges with micro-organisms and materials compatibility present.

Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces is critical for Infection Prevention and Control within healthcare environments. Healthcare providers must be confident that detergents and disinfectants used for cleaning are free of bacterial contamination and are effective for their intended application.

Keeping surfaces clean is critical in maintaining infection control in healthcare settings to stop microbial growth. Whiteley Medical offers a range of solutions and wipes for effective surface cleaning in healthcare facilities.

Whiteley Medical Cleaning Products

V-wipes Hospital Grade Disinfectant Wipes

V-Wipes hospital grade disinfectant wipes, you can now clean and disinfect surfaces. It has a unique pH neutral formula and high quality apetured fabric allow for fast, effective cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces within the healthcare environment.

Viraclor Chlorine Sanitiser 5L

Viraclor is an antimicrobial solution containing 5.0% available Chlorine as Sodium Hypochlorite with an in-built detergent system. It is intended as a reliable for general use in hospitals on both animate and inanimate surfaces.

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Viraclean Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Viraclean Hospital Grade Disinfectant is a pink liquid with lemon fragrance that has been proven to kill a broad range of bacteria and viruses. It can be used for both cleaning and disinfecting, demonstrating beneficial versatility for healthcare and associated environs.


Surfex Low Level Instrument Grade Disinfectant

Surfex® Low Level Disinfectant is ideal for routine cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces such as floors, walls and benches, as well as non critical medical devices such as hospital beds and theatre trolleys.

Whiteley Speedy Clean Neutral Detergent Wipes

Speedy Clean Wipes are excellent ready-to-use, pleasantly perfumed, hospital grade, anionic neutral detergent wipes which leaves a streak free finish on surfaces.

Odacon Urine Odour Neutraliser - Incontinent Spray

Odacon is a urine odour neutraliser that is non-flammable, water based and non-irritant to skin. Free of solvents and perfumes.

Medac Acidic Detergent for Medical Instrument and Equipment 5L

MEDAC is a combination of certain inorganic mineral acids with an inbuilt detergent system for brightening of stainless steel of medical instruments and equipment.

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Lemex Neutral Detergent - Cleaner or Deodorant 5L

Lemex has a fresh long-lasting lemon perfume and is a neutral detergent containing a powerful cationic surfactant which is suitable for general use as cleaner or reodorant.


Instrumax Pink Instrument Grade Disinfectant

Instrumax® Pink is the only approved instrument grade disinfectant, low level, within Australia. Instrumax® Pink helps reduce the risk of cross infection and is suitable for numerous applications.

Whiteley Bactex CF Sanitiser - Panama Disease Control

Whiteley Bactex CF is a concentrated cationic sanitiser registered by the APVMA for the treatment of mould and bacteria on farming equipment, animal pens, now approved for use to control Panama Disease.

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Bactex Concentrate Concentrated Quaternary Hospital Grade Disinfectant 5L

Bactex® Concentrate is a concentrated quaternary based, pH neutral Hospital Grade Disinfectant.

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BACTEX CF Multipurpose Sanitiser for Food Manufacture

BACTEX CF is a concentrated cationic sanitiser designed for use on most types of materials and surfaces in food manufacturing and food processing establishments. BACTEX CF is designed for use as a sanitising agent in conjunction with an appropriate cleaning system.
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