Outdoor Metal Bins

Compass 57L Bullet Bin Black

57L Bullet Bin Black has a galvanised liner with protective stainless steel and rubber rim on base. It has a matt black powder coated steel body.

Stainless Steel Open Top Bin for Lobby and Large Indoor Areas 60 L

Premium 201 grade stainless steel brushed open top bin with convenient side handles for easy lifting.  It is an elegant waste container that fits all business environments. Open lid makes it ideal for high volume areas such as clubs, restaurants, hotels, lobbies and conference centres, schools and universities.

Rectangular Stainless Steel Swing Bin - 40L

Brushed stainless steel swing bin with protective feet on base. 304 Grade stainless steel. Galvanised liner. Great for indoor or outdoor use.

28L Stainless Steel Tidy Bin Brushed Galvanised Liner

Brushed 201 grade stainless steel tidy bin. Rubber rim on base. Galvanised liner with handle

45L Stainless Steel Tidy Bin Galvanised Liner

Brushed stainless steel swing bin with rubber rim on base. 304 Grade stainless steel. Galvanised liner with handle. Great for indoor or outdoor use.

62L Stainless Steel Waste Bin with Swing Lid

201 Grade stainless steel swing lid bin. Complete with galvanised liner & rubber base to protect the floor.

Compass 62L Hammertone Waste Bin With Swing Lid

Compass 62L Waste Bin with brushed stainless steel and Hammertone grey powder coated body finish is a great choice for many workspaces. Its 201 Grade stainless steel swing lid allows you to easily throw rubbish in.

Oates Garbage Bin - Galvanised Complete

Strong, long lasting and secure galvanised steel bin with a lid from Oates.


Coloured Galvanised Metal Bins 55L

These coloured galvanised metal bins are very high quality and strong to take those playground beatings and the improvised cricket stumps. Made in Australia and powder coated to a thick hardened coat which will protect the bin for many years from the outdoor elements.

Sabco Galvanised Civic Bin with External Carry Handles - 55L

Strong and durable. Galvanised finish for added protection. Handles outside for easy carry. Capacity is 55 litres. Product Dimension is H 510mm x D 400mm.


Heavy Duty 55L Galvanised Rubbish Bins

It has 4 water drain holes. Australian Made.

Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Stem for 55L Steel Cage

Council Civic Bin

Galvanised rolled metal bin.Spot Welded handles. Popular with councils. Call us for a bulk purchase price! or call for tapered dimensions.

Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Cage for 5L Bin