3M Floor Finishes and Coatings

3M is recognized for floor finishing and coating systems designed for efficiency of effort and high performance over time, while minimising environmental impact.

3M's floor care products are great for vinyl tile and sheet vinyl, porous concrete, stone and marble, terrazzo, granite and quarry tile floor finishes.

Experience the great things about the 3M ™ Stone Floor Protection System—a complete floor care process that restores the natural beauty of your porous stone and produces a remarkable, long-lasting shine. The system has everything you look for in floor care. It’s easy to use, features environmentally preferable components for greener cleaning. It does not require stripping or deep scrubbing. It creates a high traction gloss that can help reduce slips and falls.

3M Scotchgard™ Stone Floor Protector 3.8L Bag

Scotchgard ™ Stone Floor Protector creates an NFSI- Certified “high traction” surface that can help prevent slips and falls in just two coats. It provides a long lasting glossy natural-looking floor that is less susceptible to scuffs, black marks, stains and scratches.

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3M™ TroubleShooter™ Baseboard Stripper - Polish and Build Up Remover 600g

3M™ TroubleShooter™ Baseboard Stripper is a ready-to-use, heavy-duty cleaner packaged in an aerosol container. It is designed to remove heavy soils, wax, and floor finish buildup from hard surfaces.
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3M Neutral Cleaner Concentrate 9.5L

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