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Your window washer is the tool you use to apply your window cleaning solution to the window. The washer essentially does the "scrubbing" and "cleaning", where as the squeegee does the "drying". Both tools are of equal importance.

There is a wide selection of washer sleeves on the market these days, and all of them are good for different reasons. Microfibre sleeves utilise the cleaning power of microfibre technology to give you as much contact with the surface as possible. Sleeves with abrasive pads are useful for windows with stubborn or caked on impurities. (Note, abrasive sleeves should not be used on the new soft glass that has hit the market recently). Many sleeves have acrylic fibres for increased durability and a longer life.

With the exception of the Wagtail washers, you have the luxury of being able to mix and match sleeves and T-bars. Whilst we usually recommend that you stick to the one brand, if you already have, for example, an Ettore T-bar, you could purchase an Unger sleeve and it will still fit.


Ettore Taper T Fixed T-Bar

  • Fixed T-Bar for Golden Glove, Durasleeve or Porcupine washer covers.
  • Contoured Handle
  • High Impact Plastic
  • Fits all Ettore Poles

Ettore ProGrip Fixed T-Bar

Fixed T-Bar for Golden Glove, Durasleeve or Porcupine washer covers.


Ettore Pro+ Super System Swivel T-Bar

High quality super system T-Bar used for washing windows on a pole. Takes golden glove, durasleeve or porcupine covers.  Available in the following sizes: 10, 14", 18" & 22"


Ettore Golden Glove

  • Standard golden glove covers are used for normal window washing.
  • Available in the following sizes : 10", 14", 18" & 22".

Ettore Porcupine Sleeve

  • Porcupine washers with extra non-scratching scrubbing power.
  • Used for scrubbing dirty windows with food scraps or build up on street frontage glass.
  • Available in 14" & 18".

Ettore Microfibre Sleeve

Economical, Dural Pile, and washable alternative with exceptional performance.

Pulex Window Washer Complete

The Pulex window washer stands out due to the exceptional resistance of the acrylic microfibers. These fibres maintain there features even after months of heavy duty work. It comes in 4 sizes ranging from 25cm to 55cm the T bar is made from aluminium, steel and plastic. Also available in the swivel version.


Pulex Plastic T-Bar Fixed

Replacement T-bar, honey combed for water retention durable one piece construction made of superior plastic. Works with all standard washer covers Fits all extension poles.


Pulex Plastic and Aluminium T-Bar Swivel

Replacement T-bar with aluminum lightweight bar works with all standard washer covers. Swivels side to side for pole work and angle precision. Fits all standard extension poles. Available in 3 sizes.


Pulex Abrasive Washer Sleeve

The Pulex Abrasive Washer Sleeve has standard synthetic fabric on one side and an abrasive scrubbing pad on the other for tough grime and dirt.


Glidex Window Washer Complete

Glidex T-bar swivel washer available in five widths from 250mm–910mm (10”–36”).  All Glidex swivel washers have the unique . Safe-Connect feature for use with Glidex poles


Glidex Washer Sleeves Only

Glidex T-bar swivel washer. Available in five widths from 250mm–910mm (10”–36”). All Glidex swivel washers have the unique. Safe-Connect99 feature for use with Glidex poles.


Unger Ninja T-Bar Washer Handle

Keep your windows and other glass surfaces sparkling clean with the Unger ErgoTec Ninja T-bar Window Washer.


Unger Ninja Washer Sleeve

Unger Ninja Washer Sleeve has superior water retention and cleaning power. Extra long fibre which has Built-in scrubbing bristles includes microfiber.


Unger Micro Strip Washer Replacement Sleeve

Unger Micro Strip Washer Replacement Sleeve uses Microfibre technology with millions of little fibres which removes dirt and grime better, makes rinsing dirt from the sleeve even easier.


Unger Strip Washer Monsoon Plus Replacement Sleeve

Unger Strip Washer Monsoon Sleeve is extra heavy-duty woven fabric provides maximum water holding and superior water releasing capability.


Unger Strip Washer Original Sleeve

Unger Strip Washer Original Sleeve plush, woven synthetic fabric is machine washable. Reinforced zigzag stitched ends ensures long life. Also excellent for cleaning screens and dusting.


Unger T-Bar Wash Pad with Green Scour Strip

Unger T-Bar Wash Pad with Green Scour Strip Replacement Sleeve. plush, woven synthetic fabric is machine washable. Features a rough textured, non-abrasive nylon cleaning pad on one side. Reinforced zigzag stitching for longer life.


Unger Swivel Strip Washer T-Bar Handle

Aluminium T-bar with nylon handle is adjustable and can be locked into seven different positions. Sleeve sold separately.


Unger Stripwasher Ergotec T-Bar

Plastic T-Bar with ergonomic two component handle for a comfortable, non-slip grip plus water wells in the T-Bar for high water retention. Use with all sleeves.


This sleeve weaves together the finest Carbon Wool and soft cloth fibers to create a tough sleeve. Carbon Steel (0000 grade). 1 single sleeve
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This Heavy duty polyester sleeve with an abrasive end holds plenty of water and withstands tough daily use. Fits on most popular T-bars.

Moerman Bi-Component T-Bar

Moerman Bi-Component (Premium) T-Bar is rigidly made from Anti-slip material with a Soft-touch Ergonomic Smooth surface. Secure grip even when wet Multiple cavities - increased water retention.


Moerman Mono T-Bar

Moerman Mono T-Bar features ergonomic handle, lightweight, strong 1 piece design with multiple cavities that increased water retention. Fastens securely to locking cone on extension pole.


Moerman Premium Microfiber Sleeve

Moerman Microfiber Sleeve has Premium Microfiber yarn which is preferred by professionals. Superior cleaning power, high water retention especially for those hot summer days and large window panes.


Moerman Pro Woven Standard Sleeve

Moerman Pro Woven Standard Microfiber Sleeve is tough and durable. It has good cleaning power. It is machine washable. Double hook & loop fastener.


Sabco Microtiger Replacement Sleeve

Washer Microtiger Replacement Sleeve for window washers. It is suitable for glass cleaning. Available sizes are 25cm (10'), 35cm (14'), and 45cm (18').

Oates 35cm and 45 cm Window Washer T-Bar and Sleeves

Window washer T-bar has water holding cavities for efficient cleaning of large surfaces.Made of durable plastic frame for commercial use. It is perfect for use on windows, mirrors, walls and ceilings when used with Oates® Microfibre window washer sleeve (OAB-60217). Available sizes window washer T-Bar are 35cm and 45cm.

Window washer sleeve has microfibre properties that trap and remove tough dirt for ultimate cleaning performance. Ideal for use with or without chemicals.  Velcro tab secures sleeve onto T-bar. For use with 14®/35cm Fixed T-Bar Window washer (OAB-60216). Available sizes for Window Washer Sleeve are 35cm and 45cm.


Sabco Spiked Window Washer with Fixed Handle

Sabco Spiked Microfibre Window Washer features additional spikes to effectively cut through stubborn dirt and spots such as bird & fly droppings without scratching.

Sabco Total Clean Window Washer

Sabco Total Clean Window Washer is interwoven with non-scratch durable poly bristles for more scrubbing power. It can easily remove tough grime such as bird & fly droppings. It can be used to clean on screens, windows, mirrors and more.

Sorbo Yellow Jacket with Scrubber

The Sorbo Yellow Jacket has great scrubbing ability.  It is perfect for cleaning aluminium frames and for heavy duty jobs.


Sorbo Swivel T- Bar

Sorbo swivel T-bar works well for most pole works. It is very durable and light weight. You can easily switch swivel to fixed. It has different sizes available.


Sorbo Tricket Washer

Are you having problem in cleaning louvered windows? Sorbo Tricket with Washer is the effective and best way to clean louvered windows, vertical blinds, glass shelves and wooden shutters.


Wiljer Sleeve White Scrub

The outer part of this 6 in. sleeve is all white scrub pad and the inner fabric is microfibe. It is used to soak liquid for a wet scrub. Can be used on glass, awnings, siding, stainless steel, and most flat surfaces. Available in 6" and 14".

Ettore T- Bar Pro + Super System

New, improved pivoting t-bar with rubberized grip. Made of a lightweight aluminum and polymer for prolonged use without fatigue. Available in 4 sizes.

Sorbo Washer Sleeve

With Velcro closure along their entire lengths are convenient for offset handles.

Sorbo Leifcart

Perfect for outside windows ! say goodbye to buckets on tiny casters.

Geelong Window Washer

Geelong Window Washer is a commercial grade window squeegee which is up to 30% wider than most others.

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