Broom Accessories & Adaptors

Pole Thread Adaptors

Pole Thread Adaptors for broom handles. Euro thread female to AMCE thread male and AMCE female to Euro male.


Broom Ferrules and Stays

Metal Ferrule and Large Stay is suggested  for Varnished Stock Brooms. See below related products.

Extra Large Broom Stay

Broom Bracket

  • Ideal for handle reinforcing
  • PF2251
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    Ferrule Reducer

    This is to be used in conjunction with a 25mm ferrule to enable a 22mm threaded handle.

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    Oates Broom Stay or Bracket

    Broom Bracket is ideal for handle reinforcing.

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    Oates Threaded Adaptors Fits 22mm Socket

    Threaded Adaptor is designed to allow 25mm handles to be fitted to 22mm sockets. Autoclavable. 

    Reversible Ferrule Thread

    This reversible ferrule is ideal for fitting handles to timber backed brooms. Available in 22mm. Available in blue colour.

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