Are you tried of cheap mop buckets that break, scratch your floors, don't wring out your mops effectively or tip over?

You're in luck! Cleaners Supermarket has a huge range of mop buckets in all shapes and sizes, for every type of budget.

Standard Mop Wringer Buckets are for wringing out mops used in most commercial and industrial situations, such as cotton and microfibre standard mop heads.

General Use Buckets is a basic bucket for just about any job.

Window Cleaning Buckets are long rectangular buckets designed to fit window washers and squeegees.

Large Area Industrial Mop Buckets are for larger areas where larger mops are likely to be used. They often feature press wringers for ergonomic operator use.

Strip Mop Cone Winger Buckets are for the basic strip mops you would find on the shelf in your local supermarket. They're not designed for commercial use.

Below you'll see some of our best sellers and more interesting buckets! If you can't find what you're looking for, try navigating through the categories above!

Ezi Squeeze Bucket 12L and 9L

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 It is portable for easy storage. It has a non-slip base. Fast and simple press to squeeze mechanism.
This domestic wringer mop bucket has a volume capacity of 9 (white color - SAB37033) or 12L (green color -SAB37046).
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This Futura Tall Bucket has a 25L capacity and is available from different colors . All plastic mechanism will not rust. This is created ergonomically to minimize injuries.
It has H/D 80 mm castors for ease of movement. Available colours are blue, red, and yellow.
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This FUTURA cotton mop wringer is created to be used with Futura Tall Bucket (SABC-2154). Its mechanism is designed with high quality material and will not rust.
This cotton mop wringer bucket comes from different colors. This is definitely durable and is available at affordable prices. Available colours are blue, green, red and yellow.
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This Futura Flat Mop Press Wringer is designed to be used in conjunction with 25L Futura Tall Bucket. This plastic press wringer is suitable for wringing flat mops.
Mechanism will not rust. Available colours are Blue (to suit SABC-2154BB), Yellow (to suit SABC-2154BY), and Red (to suit SABC-2154BR).

16L Galvanised Roller Mop Bucket with Castors

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Sabco's 16L capacity Galvanised Roller Mop bucket is designed with castors for ease of movement. It has a strong and durable heavy duty roller mop bucket.

 For further safety and protection, it is waterproof welded seams and galvanised finish.
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CICADA Watering Can is used for general garden use to keep your vegetables and plants watered. You can store water or nutrient mixture in this can so it's ready whenever you want to water your plants.