Waste Digester, Biocatalyst and Odour Eliminator

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GOE Drain and Waste Treatment, biocatalyst and odour eliminator. 'Putting biotechnology to work for mankind.'

What is G.O.E and why is it so good?

G.O.E. is a unique blend of naturally occurring enzymes, polysaccharides (natural sugars) electrolytes, combined with natural citrus extracts and coconut surfactants. This composition is at the forefront of modern biotechnology, an area in which Australia’s position is foremost.

G.O.E’s action is a very simple one. Immediately it is released into waste organic matter, it starts breaking down large chunks into a smaller more acceptable form (predigestion) thus allowing the natural bacteria in the system to reactivate and degrade it rapidly and completely. The result is odour free, cleaner waste with fewer complaints from Councils and your neighbours.