No Vac - For Carpets and Carpet Care

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No Vac for fresh carpets is a revolutionary carpet refresher. Its quick-drying foam eliminates dirty odours trapped deep down in your carpet around the home, in the car and with the pets.

It then dries in about five minutes, leaving your whole room smelling naturally fresh and clean.

Even when your carpet is clean, everyday smells like pet, smoke, cooking and stale odours can become trapped in the fibres and make it smell dirty.

It’s safe to use around children and pets and leaves no residue leaving your carpet odour-free and worry-free. It also leaves no bleaching agents or aggressive  solvents so it's safe to use on most fibres.

No Vac's professional range of carpet sanitiser and deodorisers and give your home a clean, fresh smell. Ideal for those looking to eliminate odours trapped in large areas of carpet, the larger can size cuts a big job down to size.

no vac‘s Instant Spot & Stain Remover eliminates both old and new stains without the need for rubbing, scrubbing or vacuuming. Use as directed to effectively eliminate pet stains, coffee, grease, markers, wine stains and more.

No Vac Foam Carpet Sanitiser and Deodoriser is a hassle free, mess-free way to refresh your carpets, curtain fabrics and upholstery around the home. It does not require any vacuuming. The foam penetrates deep into carpet and kills bacteria that causes odours. 

No Vac Auto Sanitiser & Deodoriser quickly and easily eliminates even the most ingrained odour from your car’s fabrics, carpets and upholstery. no vac Auto Sanitiser & Deodoriser is available in two fresh fragrances: Polar Breeze and Car Fresh

No Vac Auto Foam Fabric Deodoriser for cars eliminates dirty odours rapped in fabrics…places ordinary air fresheners just can’t reach. Conveniently sized, no vac Auto Foam Fabric Deodoriser for cars is available in four refreshing scents:

 New Car - The clean, uplifting smell of a brand new car
Frangipani - A fresh floral scent that gives your car a relaxing, tropical feel
Spring Breeze - The smell of a blooming spring time garden
Vanilla - A natural, soothing fragrance for your car

No Vac's quick drying foam completely disappears into the carpet as it searches for, and destroys odours, drying within a few minutes. no vac is also a step ahead of most household air fresheners because it not only delivers a fantastic fragrance but actually neutralises odours at the source.