WD-40 Multi Use Product

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WD-40 Multi Use Product known as "the can with a thousand uses." WD-40 Multi-Use product protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts, displaces moisture, and lubricates just about anything.

WD-40 is also great when it comes to cleaning grease, grime, and other marks from most surfaces.

Protecting, cleaning, oiling, lubricating, polishing, maintaining… WD 40 has almost endless applications for home, trade and industry, whether it be around the house, in the workshop, in the garage – even in the garden!

60g / 73.6ml Handy Can
For use on: oven door hinges, squeaky piano pedals, bird mess on cars, sports bag zippers, gardening tools

150g / 184ml Can
For use on: sticker residue, stainless steel,stuck locks, scuff marks on bumpers, garden tools

255g / 312ml Can 
For use on:squeaky stroller wheels, tough grease and grime, crayon on walls, stuck can tops, metal tools

300g / 368mL Can    
For use on: hinges and locks, rusted plumbing joints, chrome surfaces, tarnished silver, rusty bolts

350g / 429mL Smart Straw®:
For use on: stiff leather tool belts, tangled fishing line, water affected tools, PVC valves, lock mechanisms

425g / 521mL Can
For use on: machine chains, truck battery connections*, wheel nuts, rusted parts, flooded engines*
*power must be turned off prior to spraying

Spray Applicator
Used in conjunction with WD-40 Multi-Use Product Liquid, the spray applicator provides a cost effective alternative to the aerosol spray cans.

4L Liquid
The 4L bottle can be more economical if used with a spray applicator and is great if you’d rather not use an aerosol can.

20L Liquid
Soak parts to clean without disassembly. Lubricates and protects industrial equipment.

200L Liquid
Cleans and removes residue from moulds. Penetrates stuck rigging hardware

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