White Magic Microfibre Eraser Sponge

White Magic
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Microfibre Eraser Sponge is invented by White Magic which can be used as a pad refill for mops. Some tiles and surfaces respond well to using this product with only water and the magic sponge. 

There is one particular tile out there which is 5% porous porcelain and it's  a light colored tile. Sometimes it has a sandstone grain effect and others are simply plain.  They are a smooth tile. The design of the tile is the hardest to clean in the marketplace.  Any chemical or machine you use simply won't clean them. This is where this product is a must.

If you trial this and are blown away, then we can also get them as round floor pads and they can go onto a floor scrubbing machine for the ultimate clean of this problem tile. It is the most revelation I as director of Cleaners Supermarket has ever seen. You simply walk along behind the machine with this pad and water , and the dirt simply comes out and float on top of the tile. They are like new again. Please call Warren at Cleaners Supermarket for more detailed info on this.