Airline Automatic Dispenser

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Fully programmable Airline Automatic dispenser – Choice of refill size, start and end time, choice of spray frequency.

Airline Automatic Dispenser has visible Countdown clock showing time until next spray - confirms operation of unit and provide health and safety warning.

Patented "I.P.E." facility enabling users to program up to 3 periods per day of enhanced fragrance delivery (eg. At busy times of the day). Patented automatic reset button when a fragrance refill is replaced. Part of co-ordinated range of dispensers.

It has a unique branding facility which allows us to label the dispenser with your logo. Rental button for 30-120 days (if applicable).

Only** Citrus Tingle, Cool and Mystique that is available in 100ml and 270ml.Others only 270ml.

Lockable battery compartment to prevent theft of batteries. Lockable dispenser for added security. Top hinged dispenser for ease of servicing and refill replacement. It is ideal for areas such as restrooms, offices, toilet areas, care homes, hotels, reception areas, school classrooms and anywhere where fragrance is required.


240mm(h) x 92mm(w) x 79mm(d)
9.45inches(h) x 3.62inches(w) x 3.11inches(d)

Operates on two low cost "C" cell batteries, with up to 3-year battery life

Effective in room sizes up to 200m3 / 6000ft3

3000 metered sprays per refill

Airline fragrances are modern and offer style and impact options to match all preferences. All Airline fragrances are complex, long lasting and are available in both 3000 spray aerosol refills (suitable for use in most automatic aerosol dispensers, including the Airline Automatic Odor Control system). A choice of fragrances are available and can suit all locations, such as washrooms, reception areas, office blocks, schools, and anywhere in need of fragrance.

Only ** Citrus Tingle , Cool and Mystique that is available in 100ml and 270ml.  Others only 270ml.

Cool - Think male aftershave fragranced with sandalwood and leather with a touch of citrus
Citrus Tingle - a bright burst of citrus fruits
Mystique - a perfume of rich spices and woody notes, powerful yet feminine
Exotic Garden - an intense taste of exotic flowers and herbs
Linen - revitalise your senses and your environment with a modern fragrance of clean linen.
Sensual - a unique, invigorating fusion, of cedar wood and jasmine leads to a glorious base of sandalwood, oak moss, amber and velvety musk.
Apple Orchard - provides a rich and fruity fragrance that smells like summer
Citrus Mango - this fruity cocktail combines a burst of citrus peel and juicy berries, with a hint of lively lime, a punch of peach and mango musk.

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