Roll Absorbant Oil 1m x 50m x 200gsm

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Superior absorbency of natural, biodegradable cotton in a 1m x 50m, 200 gsm roll (not perforated).  Absorbs at least 50% more oil per pad or roll than equivalent polypropylene products. 

Most effective when used in conjunction with KleenSweep.  An integral part of any spill response system.

For use on all hard surfaces and on water to absorb oil and fuel spills.  They can also be used for cleaning up spills of animal, vegetable, mineral and synthetic oils, and oil-based paints. Commonly used in the mining, automotive, industrial, commercial markets, marine, warehousing, waste management and manufacturing industries.  Ideal for use underneath conveyor belts, head/tail pulleys and hydraulicaly driven production line systems.

Features & Benefits

•Made from natural cotton fibres
•Each roll absorbs up to 152 L oil (single use)
•Low environmental toxicity if released
•Good tear strength
•Natural oils prevent water absorption
•Quick, safe & easy to use.
•Cost effective – superior absorbency
•Absorbs a wide range of hydrocarbons
•Offers multiple disposal options
•Manufactured from sustainable materials
•Suitable for Biofarms

Standards Compliance:

AS1940-2004, AS2507-1998