Spirit Neutral Cleaner Everyday General Purpose Cleaner

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Spirit Neutral cleaner is a fully biodegradable pH neutral detergent, safe for use on all surfaces that can be cleaned with water. Ideal maintenance cleaner for sensitive stones such as: Polished Marble & Limestone. Everyday cleaner for all types of tiles and stone.

• Very Effective on soap scum, grease & general soiling
• Environmentally friendly
• Pleasant lemon fragrance
• Great for stone countertops & polished porcelain tiles
• Contains no soap, alkaline or phosphates
•Biodegradable pH neutral detergent
• Safe to use on all hard surfaces in the home
• Suitable for surfaces sealed or unsealed
• Highly dilutable
Available Sizes: 1L, 4L and 15L.

Where to use:
• All natural stone surfaces such as: Granite countertops, sandstone, limestone, marble
• Ceramic tiles, porcelain & grout joints
• Concrete & Clay pavers
• All polished stone & tile surfaces

Method of application:
1. Mix neutral cleaner with clean water to the desired strength
2. Allow to stand for 3-5 minutes, than agitate surface with a nylon scouring pad
3. Rinse well with clean water to remove detergent and soil. Neutral cleaner can be
added to mop water to help prevent soil build up.

Neutral Cleaner MSDS